Wouldn't This Look Nice on Your Mantelpiece?

Or perhaps displayed in some other prominent location in your home.  This 24 centimeter (9.5 inch) figurine has been masterfully crafted out of the finest crystal by Atlantis - one of the premier glassmaking companies of Portugal.

The piece is entitled "Nossa Senhora" ("Our Lady").  It is a stylistic representation of the Virgin Mary - most evident from the small cross incised near the base of the figure.  Even if your family is not religious, one would have to think that a piece of art like this would be a wonderful conversation starter at parties.

Link, via Oregon Expat.

Most whales don't have teeth, but yeah I was thinking along the lines of Sabertooth fossil crystal reproduction or something.

As if Catholics don't suffer enough sexual repression, this is the kind of thing that will make all of them feel like they'll burn in hell.
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I'm just imagining praying to this at St. Peter's. Or seeing it paraded through the streets in one of those spirited Catholic parades. Certainly different.
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This almost gave me a Jar Jar Binks moment..

But on the other hand, there may well be some seriously supressed nuns having a good laugh at our expense somewhere. Sigh. We can only hope.

Almost worthy of a cation competition - my entry would be "Hey, throw this stone first, Mom".

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WOW. Was not expecting to see that.

I mean, I know I've joked many times about buying a giant fist or perhaps the Great American Challenge (giant dildos, if you didn't get it) and putting it on my mantle/using them as a coat hanger, but I'm also a college student. I just never expected to see such illustrious writing and minimalistically suggestive pictures on Neatorama.
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Who would want a dildo made out of ice, won't it melt...Oh I see, it a crystal dildo... no its a virgin mary. Those crazy Romans and the subliminal religious idolatry. I'm sure one could really work one's self up to quit a religious fervor with this idol.
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