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The Drowning Baby Scam

This bizarre scam is made even more hideous because it tugs on a Good Samaritan's sense of humanity. Behold, the drowning baby scam:

She pointed to the nearby lake where Mr White saw a baby, clothed and with shoes on, floating face down in the water.

Mr White, who suffers from angina, immediately sprang into action.

He took off his jacket and jumped into the filthy, waist-deep water while his wife and dog waited nearby just out of sight.

But when he grabbed the child's leg he realised it was actually a doll.

When Mr White turned around he saw the woman and her male accomplice stealing from his coat.

Would this make you less likely to save someone truly in need? Link - via TYWKIWDBI

Not sure about this one.

A mother unwilling to rescue her baby. Two thieves stealing from a poor source of booty. Both being seen by the mark. Losing a doll that is convincing enough to fool someone a few yards away. Counting on the mark not calling 999 before jumping in the water.

Either Smith had something in his jacket that they specifically wanted or the whole story was concocted.
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@Edward, would you really stop to think about the logic of the situation before diving in?

"Oh my god my baby's drowning!"

"Well why don't you go in and save them?"

But made up or not, I wouldn't hesitate to save the (fake) baby. A wallet's contents can be replaced, the guilt of possibly letting an infant drown doesn't usually go away....
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I still would never hesitate. What's the lesser evil? Getting scammed 300 times to save one life, or allowing even one baby to drown?
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I wouldn't take off my clothes.

I mean, when I was drowning in the pool, my mom didn't wait to get her shoes off. She dove in. I know wet business cards are a turn off, but time is of the essence when a child's life is in danger. Not to mention it thwarts potential thieves.
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I dunno. You've got to predict that someone has something worth substantially more than the cost of the doll in his/her coat, and that he/she will remove it, to save the baby.

THe lake's not the only thing fishy about the story.
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In my mind he is both a hero and a victim. He should see the silver lining in this and realize that he can look at himself in the mirror and see a selfless man. The thieves were taking quite a risk when they did this though. How did they know he would take off his coat or that he even had anything in his coat?
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No this does not make me less likely to help someone in need, because the likelihood of getting grifted is low (benefits outweigh risks).
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