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Have U-Read the Slogans on U-Haul Trucks Lately?

They have been around for years, those familiar orange and silver U-Haul rental vans. Some years ago a campaign started with painting murals of local and distant points of interest, historical site information or some science fact along with a brief lead-in to the subject. There are probably a few hundred different themes and topics. Gathered here are just a few, along with some additional information about the subject being featured. Travel across America and Canada and learn from interesting trivia about North America.


(image credit: Flickr user Scurzuzu)

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by thestickman.

I'm from Newfoundland and I have seen the giant squid.
It's really interesting. I've never paid enough attention to the U-Haul advertisements though. I'll keep an eye on them for my next road trip though.
Thanks Neatorama!
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THe best part of those trucks is that the letters are easy to peel off and rearrange. I have personally altered about 15 of them. I am always on the lookout for someone elses similar works.
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I like some of the graphics...but others turn me right off. For instance some trucks have pictures of snakes, others huge spiders, the squid is pretty repulsive too.

Why put pictures on your trucks of things that many people find disgusting ???

I like comment # 2 I might try it.
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I was shocked when I found this U-haul painting:

I suppose I don't know how they would have got here otherwise..
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Also... (like "Where's Waldo") there is a little hidden U-Haul figure painted into each picture. I used to date someone that worked there and spent WAY too much time looking at those trucks
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I'd like to see someone prank U-Haul death traps with old school Mad magazine type comments on the trucks. Instead of the usual feature graphics you find on U-Haul trucks, like "Granma's Attic" and "Extra Low Loading", I'd like to see more realistic "No brakes" and "Avoid Hiway Safety Checks".
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