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Eduard Khil Responds to his Internet Fame

(YouTube link)

Forty-four years after he recorded the song we've come to know as Trolololo (previously at Neatorama), Eduard Khil is offering to sing the song again, this time with lyrics! -via Buzzfeed

Cool in a way, but I gotta say I am getting awfully tired of Memes taking on way too much life, and as a byproduct lasting way...way...way...way... too long.
keyboard cat, 3 wolf moon, pedobear, amazing horse song, "is this real life" kid (god I hate that ad on TV now) ... I'm lookin' at you all and many more. Die already, I moved on so plz stop milking the cash cow for a buck when its udders are dried rasins!

Trolololo was amusing for a moment, and the moment is gone. Savor it, and let it freakin DIE.
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Most people aren't laughing at him, but rather at the weirdness of the whole thing. Most of us haven't grown up in 1960s Russia and have no experience of such culture, so laugh at it for its peculiarity. If you're one of the few immature douche-bags who thinks it's about laughing at somebody out of a sense of superiority, then I don't see why he'd give two dogs bollocks about such childish opinions.

I say good on him for being a good sport with it. Nothing wrong with laughing at things we find weird - I'm quite sure the Russians do it often as well. ;)
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Everything being said pro and con, here and elsewhere, the bottom line is Trololo is a catchy happy number. A real ear worm--but in a wacky way, a happy one.

And Eduard seems like a great guy I'd be happy to meet.
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We say it's weird, but I'm old enough to remember my folks watching Lawrence Welk on Saturday evenings. It's absolutely no more strange than the plastic-haired, Stepford singers on that show.

It's odd, but certainly not unique.

I say good on him for being a great sport. :)
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Brad said it -- this is no more bizarre than Lawrence Welk viewings, which were plenty weird enough. "Trololo" is hilarious to me at 42, and yet, tastes change so swiftly it's all so baffling. Shhh, I must go ruminate.
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Damn. Some people just have no innocent spirit.

When you see others enjoying things, just STFU and let them.

#4 & #5 - this means you.
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hey juice, go juice your self man. I never said I had a problem with this man or was even laughing at him. But i assure your people are laughing at him than enjoying his tune for its heart warming melody. I am just wondering if this man is aware of that.
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Well, he doesn't understand the lifecycle of a meme, but that's okay. He's full of optimism and he put me in a good mood. Again.
I say we take him up on the challenge!
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Just leave the poor old guy alone already. Of course people were laughing at him out of a false sense of superiority.

That's what the internet is all about. That, and showing your bits to total strangers.
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This is why I love the Internet. It'll be like Where in the world is Matt (the sequel) meets the Helsinki Complaints choir.

What's not to love? I'm already thinking of couplets to go with the vocalise!
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