Got a Question for Bill Morrison?

If you're a fan of the longest-running comedy in television history, you probably already know Bill Morrison's name. Guess what? We've got an exclusive interview with him and will be giving away more copies of the new hardcover book The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis. More details on the giveaway contest soon, but first we want to know if you've got a question to put to Bill.

Anything you've ever wondered about Simpson's Comics, Radioactive Man, Bartman, Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, Roswell - Little Green Man, or Futurama, etc. etc, etc.? Now's your chance to ask the main principal writer and artist/editor. (Also the editor of this new book!)

So go ahead and leave your question in the comments below and we'll select some to put in front of Bill!

How does it feel knowing that just pure fan devotion brought Futurama back? The dvd movies, the show, just the stories behind the series are amazing. How does it feel knowing you helped create something that has brought happiness to people ever since it was created?
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How did you feel about the South Park episode where the "Simpsons Did It"?

Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with the world! :)I look forward to both shows regularly!
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The Simpsons episode 'BEHIND THE LAUGHTER' would have been a ingenious, dignified bow-out for the Simpsons, with a later movie and the excellent FUTURAMA as ideal outlets for must-use ideas. Has the 'Bill Watterson' option never entered the question?

Best regards,

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Did the Simpsons created a new kind of hero : the stupid hero ? It seems to be the new standard in animated series (futurama, family guy, spongebob...)
Does it reflect any kind of change in american society ?
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Will the following Simpsons Comics stories ever be reprinted?:
Bongos that time forgot from 32
More Bongos that time forgot from 35
The Itchy and Scratchy comics
The last 3 Bartman comics
The 4 stories from Simpson Comics and Stories
The Super Spectacular comics
The Winter Wingding comics
The Summer Shindig comics

Did I miss any that were never or need to be reprinted?
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Will there be a Bongo Comics website anytime soon?

How about a third Simpsons/Futurama Crossover comic series?

Any more Itchy & Scratchy comics coing?

Will Sergio Aragones draw a full length Futurama issue or cover?

What other Bongo comics will Sergio Aragones be drawing this year?

All glory to the Hypnotooooad!
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European countries (Finland,France,Hungary, Czech Republic)are now starting to get there Simpsons Comic fix via reprints. Is this the new way to go in Europe? What other countries will be getting Simpsons comics, that aren't getting them now?
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What's it like to constantly rehash the same tired plotlines over and over again? How many solid-gold cars does one man need?
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The other day, I pulled out my Simpsons 2003 calendar. My wife was looking at it and asked - "do we know any of the Simpsons characters birthdays?". I didn't know - Do we?
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Will you be doing something special for the fiftieth issue of Futurama Comics?

(I'd also like to echo Zim999's comment about the reprints.)
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