Caplin Rous: World's Largest Pet Rodent

It's not unusual to have a pet rodent, but Melanie Typaldos' pet Caplin Rous is no ordinary rodent. See, Caplin is a Capybara, the world's largest rodent:

The second part of his name, which Typaldos pronounces like "rose," stands for "Rodent of Unusual Size" (a reference to the movie "The Princess Bride"). He's also a rodent of unusual abilities. He can walk on a leash and even do some tricks, but Typaldos says it's important not to exaggerate any similarity to a dog doing tricks.

"Dogs have thousands of years of being trained to be subservient to people," she says. "A capybara will not do a trick just to make me happy. The quality of the trick is very dependent on the quality of the treat."

Link | More at Caplin's blog Capybara Madness

People! Undomesticated animals are NOT PETS to be dressed up and paraded around. Leave them be--the inside of your house is NOT where they are meant to live.
Gee, that animal looks thrilled.
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I think it's pretty interesting. Just to hear about the ups and the downs of owning such a pet and to hear them say that it's really not a domesticated animal.
But that's how all pets start so *shrugs*
The thing is obviously very loved and being taken care of. Who cares if she dresses it up. I'm sure it could care less so long as it gets treats.
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To Birdy Figgis: you don't know Melanie Typaldos, so please don't assume "that animal" is forced to live inside like a common house pet. Caplin actually spends plenty of time outdoors, where he can get exercise & fresh air, graze on grass, etc. Melanie also has a nice pool for him where he can fulfill his instinctive desire to swim.

I think LisaL has the right idea w/ her comments. :)

BTW, I've never met Melanie or Caplin in person, but I know them from Facebook. I'm commenting simply because I feel sad when folks like you criticize &/or make fun of situations you don't have enough information about.

Peace :)
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Gee, Birdy. Do you think cats and dogs just magically appeared in their current forms in people's houses 9500 years ago?

Domestication starts somewhere. You have to try it before you find out which animals lend themselves to it. And it's not unnatural. Domestication can be very beneficial evolutionarily to animals.

That said, I have no idea whether capybara's make good pets.
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Only cavemen are allowed to domesticate animals, and since there are no cavemen, no new domesticated animals are allowed.

As the human population grows and animals have no place to live, and are indiscriminately eaten, domestication may be the only way many animals like this capybara can avoid extinction.
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I was eating at The Texican south of Austin about a year ago and saw her dining on the outdoor patio with the Rous on a leash. Just like you would bring your dog to a restaurant patio. I couldn't believe it when I saw it and had no idea what it was.
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Why are people so mean when they know nothing about this wonderful animal and his owner.

If you would watch the videos you would see how wonderful he is treated and loved.

In Peru, the Capybara is in danger of extinction because they are a delicacy to eat.

Leave them alone!
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