Bagger 288: The World's Biggest Machine

Photo: Snorky [wikipedia]

In the coal stripmine Hambach in Germany, there was a machine so big that it boggles the mind.the Bagger 288:

This is the 45,000 ton Bagger 288 digger built by Krupps in Germany, and it is the largest land based machine built by humans on the face of the planet.

It’s not fast, moving at about 2 meters a minute, but boy can it shift rubble.

It can dig up 240,000 cubic meters of dirt a day. That’s about the same as a football field sized hole that’s 30 metres deep.

And why do you need a machine so absurdly big? So we can strip mine coal out of the ground, transport it hundreds of miles on massive trains and take it to power stations where we burn it to make electricity. And where does quite a chunk of this electricity go? Strangely back to the digger, as it requires 16.56 megawatts of electricity to operate. You’re not going to find a lot of solar panels on this leviathan.

Once it starts digging, it literally will not stop. Anything in its path will be chewed up, including this 60 ton bulldozer. How, I ask you, do you miss a 60 ton bulldozer?

But what is the true purpose of such a machine? Let's all welcome our new digger overlord, as explained by Rathergood.

1 Watt = 1 Joule per second.

You might be confusing this with KWh, Kilowatthours, the amount of energy that is consumed in one hour by something that has a power of one kilowatt
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Ceeseduck & Geoff Pedder: This is the biggest machine on the face of the earth, as it is stated ("land based"). The LHC may be the biggest, but it is below the face of the earth, so the statement remains valid.


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I've been on this sucker. My students worked for Laubag and they took me on a tour. It's huge - you have to walk up three flights of stairs to get to the office. Yes, there's an office the size of a small studio apartment with a kitchenette and bathroom.

Even the tires for the trucks used to haul away stuff are taller than me with my hands up!! I felt like Alice in Wonderland LOL
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Oh, and the bit about it chewing up everything in its path is also true. IT's the only way to get at the brown coal. They moved entire small towns, including a centuries-old church, out of the way!
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well it is awsome but who can forget about the shuttle transport.I believe it weighs as much or more ..and it actually has to move how many thousands of tons on it to the launch site.
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"The Bagger 288 can dig a 100-foot-deep hole that's the size of a football field in a day."

Isn't a football field measured in yards? 3ft=1yard right? Did somebody make a mistake or did I miss something? And that's not that impressive considering its size as a machine... if the hole was as big as a football field and was 3 football fields in depth... for a day's work that's something to write about...
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The cost to run that puppy, never mine the money that went into designing, maintaining a machine that large. Could and should have been put towards a nuclear power plant.
No power used to find fuel, no dust put into air, no old town moved in the name of digging brown coal. Were's the green idea behind this machine, I'll tell ya! Green in someones pocket not in the greater good of man and global warming issues.
My two cents, sorry thats all I can afford.
GOD Bless us all
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Burning of coal is a vital source of emitting green house gases in our environment. Why don't germen try to find solution of generating electricity with some renewable sources of energy. Making such a huge machines is no doubt, a master piece of engineering, but still, we want to save our planet from coal burning gases.
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@Bilal - most of the world's electricity (including in the United States) is generated by burning coal because it's cheap!

Nuclear is cheaper, but fear of spent nuclear waste and horror stories like Chernobyl and Three Mile Island kept us from building more nuclear power plants.
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hmmm, seems EXTREMELY bad for the environment. they shouldn't make things like that!!! it totally unbalances the forces of nature and leaves chemical dirt and stuff like that.
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i'm not sure if people realize what a 100 ft hole the size of a football field really means. take the size of a football field, 100 yards, now dig a hole 100 feet down over the span of 100 yards. thats what they mean. this is why we dont want mexicans in the u.s.
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@Alex - Although coal and other hydrocarbon products are used to generate electricity worldwide because it is cheap than any renewable source of energy, but one day, it will finish and that day will come soon.
So, I think, concentration in other forms of energy could be a better idea than making such a giant machinery for coal mine digging.
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I have been inside of this Big Brutus, in Kansas USA. It (NOW) is the second largest and was built in early 1960's. Each bucket full of coal will fill THREE TRAIN CARS...WoW! Yes...USA developed this first, and they (maybe) just improved it a bit.
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I've once seen a cool video with a funny song about this machine. Has anyone seen it too and can post a link? I can't find it anymore.

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Yea those tree huggers wanna bitch about the environment & "going green". I say screw the environment. Use all you can now. It won't be our problem in a hundred years so let the great-grandkids worry about it. If the krauts wanna dig up their country hell let 'em. They couldn't win 2 world wars so I don't think they're much of a threat to the world or the environment.
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FFS why so many idiots posting here get confused at a 30m deep hole the size of a football field? take some more ketamine you *ucktards
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