7 Historical Bans on Smoking

Smoking bans are nothing new. The pope enacted one barely after Sir Walter Raleigh taught Europeans how to light up. Mental_floss has collected seven incidences from history, from the papal ban of 1590 to World War II, when smoking was deemed forbidden. Even places that made money from tobacco restricted its use.
In 1632, Massachusetts became wary of the fire danger from smoldering butts, so it banned outdoor smoking. Connecticut followed suit in 1647 when it dictated that citizens could only smoke once a day, and even then one couldn’t be a social smoker, since the law dictated that smokers could only burn one when “not in company with any other.” In the 1680s, Philadelphia joined in with a ban on smoking in the city’s streets.
Those particular laws did not last long. http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/45470

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Don't forget that religious fundamentalists banned "evil" smoking in early years of 1900s, and that the Third Reich banned smoking for Jews (because it was a luxury) AND for German Youth (because it was unhealthy), and that the Taliban and fundamentalist Muslims forbid smoking. Not that there's anything wrong with being Muslim, besides that.

As for the Reich...what do you know but that the Reich's notorious IG Farben pharmaceutical industry (death camp chemicals) is a big part of the cigarette industry...via Bayer and BASF tobacco pesticides. Still killing after all these years. With no studies yet about Pesticide Free, Chlorine Free tobacco yet to be brought before any legislators, we don't know what the heck we're talking about.
Is it Tobacco? ...or is it Pesticide-Contaminated Tobacco? There is a difference. The latter involves Corporate Crime...which we are persuaded not to notice.
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Wow this is great stuff to know ive been digging to learn more about the history of tobacco, this is sure going to help me. With your help I got the name of a resource to understand more about the history of tobacco.

I actually managed to find the book in the picture.

Muchas Gracias
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