Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Neatorama: Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone!

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has died,
The Flying Spaghetti Monster has risen,
The Flying Spaghetti Monster will come again!
In all his Noodly goodness

It's 'Risen' not 'Risin' - moron. Gee a connection between illiteracy and Christianity. Imagine.
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glad to see neatorama raising the Christian flag high. Remember that a Saviour's birth is celebrated today. Not santa, not elves, not snowmen, certainly not spaghetti monsters (although pasta sounds good for today).
Philippians 2:9-11
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And frankly, all religions are simply a highly codified form of superstition - accepted and promoted by people who are too scared to deal with a reality-based world.
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Just thinking of all the people who have lost somebody this year they loved more than life itself. I know this Christmas will be hard. You are in my thoughts. May you find moments of peace. Love dj
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to all the spaghetti monster worshipers, you still probably celebrated on the 25th, you still probably bought and received presents, you still most likely had the day off. The power of Christ will always compel you. And you cant even deny it.

And a shout out to all our American brothers and sisters fighting for our freedom. You guys are remembered.
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By that logic, all Christians are really only celebrating the pagan holiday of Saturnalia, since that's the holiday that the Romans took at this time of year, and since the trappings of Christmas were borrowed from other pagan traditions.

The power of Mithras compels you! And you can't even deny it.
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there is slight truth to what you say. But facts on Mithraism are scant at best. Any correlation between Mithras and Christianity go back to one line in Justin Martyr's "First Apology", and it seemed to snowball from there. Furthermore, no one is celebrating Mithrasmas.
And as far as the Saturnalia correlation, that has no relevance today. As far as it matters to anyone today, the day could have been picked at random.
You and the world still call it Christmas, and are not celebrating because of Saturnalia, Mithras, or because of anyone or anything else.

Good day.
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