Man Puts Rocket Launchers On His Motorcycle

YouTube user jairust mounted bottle rockets on his motorcycle. He writes:

Before you comment on safety remember that they are made of cardboard and balsa wood. You can buy them at walmart, they don't have explosives in them, any sharp tips, no metal, and nothing that can hurt anyone.

I made rocket pods for the sides of my '06 CBR that shoot estes rockets with the push of a button. Some of the rockets in the video did not fly very well but I have got the problem under control so watch for another video!!

In the links, you can view a video of him firing rockets from his motorcycle at night.

via Gizmodo | YouTube Video | Screen capture by Gizmodo

I've always wanted a giant staple gun to pin tailgaters to the ground with until they learn to keep a safe distance. It'd come out on a big arm, reach over and harpoon them to the tarmac.
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I did this same thing on my bicycle back in the 90's when I was an early teenager. If he's really using Estes (as I did) then to call them bottle rockets is completely inaccurate. Bottle rockets are fireworks and built to explode, Estes model rockets just whatever direction you point them.

I used to load model rockets into a PVC tube and either shoulder launch them or launch them from my bicycle. A spud gun is more dangerous, especially when you consider the mass of the projectile.
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For those who hate tailgaters and who want to follow his example- This dude only fires forward...

I'm a biker myself.

Would I ever encounter this dude on the road doing his rocket-thing on the public road- I'd run him straight off the road- All-out War as far as I'm concerned. Because he makes all the rest of us also look bad and dangerous. And with these rockets he endangers traffic like nothing we've seen before.
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Also, those aren't bottle rockets. They are the motors for model rockets. Agreed that they are not made of metal or anything, but they are a bit more powerful and get a good deal more hot than a bottle rocket.
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there are worse riders out there who give us all a bad name, mainly squid riders and people who think it would be ok to run ANYONE off the road. wecome to the douchebag of a rider club...
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motogp as far as I'm concerned bikers may go ahead and be so stupid to ride themselves into big trouble --- as long as they don't take innocent bystanders with them.
But firing rockets in busy highways will get others -innocent bystanders- in trouble while the one who fires it just rides on and laughs at it. And to me that is one of the most definite No-no's if there ever is one.
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Now I love messing about on fast things, and I love blowing things up. I even used to make my own gunpowder with ingredients lifted from the school chemistry lab. And I do sort of admire the spirit of this - but it is NOT at all cool on public roads. Exhaust gases that are hot and intense enough to burn through metal, no control over where these things are going, all mounted pretty close to a petrol tank... oh yeah, this is smart.
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i would like to see this guy take a couple of his rockets in the face, and then write (probably from the burn ward) about how safe they are and how they can't hurt anyone.
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I did this around 1979, when I was 13, with a Huffy (or was it Columbia?) banana seat bike (sparkles and everything in the seat). Taped a switch to the handgrip, 6 volt lantern battery taped to the seatpost, and a small pipe taped in the middle of the handlebars. Used the nichrome wire from a rocket igniter and wrapped the wick of a bottlerocket around it. Had to play with a shield to keep the wind from cooling off the wire. Worked like a charm. (too many James Bond movies)
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Um... Estes rockets... aren't those like this type?

Coz I've played with those during summer camp when I was 16. They kind do have explosives in them. Maybe not like TNT, but the whole idea is to zap them with an electrical charge so they catch fire and shoot up in the air in a rush of flame and spark. Right? I'm at work and can't watch YouTube, but the image sure looks like mine did; all fiery.

Now, what -is- safe about this? Not that I really care about this guy or anything, but it irks me that he seems to think by saying "it's not dangerous" magically absolves him of any risk to personal or private property.
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1) You can buy shotguns at Wal*Mart
2) model rockets are considered deadly weapons if used inappropriately like this.

3) this is awesome but idiotic to try to justify it. It cannot be justified as "oh it's fine, don't worry" - no, it's weapons mounted to a vehicle. It's sweet. And idiotic.
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