In Praise of Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe, the host of the TV show "Dirty Jobs" is a surprisingly eloquent guy. In this TED talk in December 2008, he talked about people with dirty jobs, questioning one's assumptions, the nature of hard work, and the "war on work."

I learned a lot of new things by watching this video clip, including how to properly castrate lambs (hint: yanking 'em out with one's teeth is one of the steps)

Hit play or go to Link [TED video clip]

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This was a real treat. I've always been a fan of Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs. He's always seemed so well-rounded and humble with such a diverse life., I'm with Laurel, it'd be great to have a beer with the guy and talk. What he said about debunking the 'follow your dream' ethos really strikes a chord with me. While higher learning is something we all should strive for, there is nothing wrong with choosing a career that involves picking up a shovel and coming home covered with dirt. :)
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The Dirty Jobs episode with the Cedar Shakes, I could not watch. I shiver each time I think about being near those saws without any safety's in place.

Love Dirty Jobs
Love Mike Rowe
Loce TED Talks.
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Wow! Thanks for sharing. I think I knew this intuitively and by being raised my parents and grandparents, but its good to be reminded.
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I like the conclusion about the War on Work and the negative outcomes of engaging in it. But I don't take as 'made', his arguement attempting to debunk the wisdom of "follow your passion". I posit that these people who work dirty jobs (for small money or big) do so only because passion is in there somewhere. They buck the trend (i.e., seeking easy jobs with good money) because something in the dirty job "does it" for them. Anyways, great talk by Mike.
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