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Meteor Lights Up the Night Sky in South Africa

[YouTube - Link]
This video footage of a meteor lighting up the night sky happened in Gauteng, South Africa, on November 21, 2009.

From South Africa's Eye Witness News:

People in Gauteng saw the bright light at around 11pm on Saturday night, heading towards the north of Pretoria.

“We saw this big green ball of fire. it kind of came out of the sky, out of the blue,” one resident said.

“There was sudden
flash. Like an orange stripe in the sky, followed by a very bright
explosion where the sky lit up as if it was daytime,” another

Astronomers and scientists are still trying to find out where the meteor landed.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Geekazoid.

Very cool. I saw something like that in 1990-something -- don't remember exactly when -- driving out in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota. What I saw wasn't as bright as that one, and it was green. I thought it was probably a meteor, something I had seen many times before and since, but never leaving a trail that bright, and never with a flash like that.
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I actually saw a meteor that night too! it wasn't as large as this one appears, but it was much bigger than anything i'd ever seen in the sky other than the moon. Must have been something in the skies that night.
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I hope they warned everyone about this might happen that day.
If something like that happened around here in the USA without any prior warning I think most people would have freaked out and thought a terrorist blew up a nuke or something.
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lol. Yes, because they always know when a meteor is going to strike... Plus, they can control the weather now, too.

Meteors are beautiful things to see pass overhead. I remember one brilliant green one weverl years ago, shining like an emerald. I doubt people would mistake it for a missile strike.
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I dunno, if I saw something like that for the first time I might think it's a plane crash.

I wonder how big the meteor was when it hit the atmosphere.
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I would bet there's nothing to find on the ground. It looks like it vaporized in the atmosphere, like all but the biggest meteoroids do before they have a chance to hit the ground.
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