Food Fight? You're Under Arrest!

A spontaneous lunchtime food fight broke out at a Chicago middle school, and by the time the last bell rang, 25 students aged 11 to 15 were arrested for reckless conduct.  Parents told the local news they are furious.
“My children have to appear in court,” Erica Russell, the mother of two eighth-grade girls who spent eight hours in jail, said Tuesday. “They were handcuffed, slammed in a wagon, had their mug shots taken and treated like real criminals.”

“They’re all scared,” Ms. Russell said of the two dozen arrested students. “You never know how children will be impacted by that. I was all for some other kind of punishment, but not jail. Who hasn’t had a food fight?”

What do you guys think?  Link (Image from aggrotech's Photobucket album)

My son was expelled from a private school when in first grade, because he started the first food fight in the school's history. I'm glad my son didn't get sent to jail for a food fight. (He turned out okay. College graduate. Employment. Kind. Funny.) Jail is wayyyy to much.
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Going to a Chicago school myself as an adolescent, we had our fair share of food fights. We would always get punished for it whether it be detention, or no recess until we show improvement by being quiet for a whole hour.. those punishments taught discipline, but getting arrested for a practical joke is taking it way too far. That is teaching kids the wrong lesson.
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Yeah, 8 hours in jail, handcuffs and mugshots are extreme. But why do I have the feeling we aren't getting the full extent of the story? Perhaps the children wouldn't stop when told to. Perhaps they ganged up on the police/security officer brought in to stop the fight. Ever been beaned in the head by an apple? Could be seen as force with a deadly weapon.
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I'm calling for a National Food Fight Day in all middle and high schools across this great country of ours on Friday, December 18th... Whos with me!
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WTF???? Foodfight???

Darn right those ...Rrrats were slammed in handcufs and jail- Serves them right, those ...Monsters!

Oh and their parents should bew jailed too for neglect of their duties to teach their children correct behavior and manners and respect for precious food.

Somehow I have the feeling that this school and the cops that came there, forgot who they were dealing with- However this got out of hand- this is not a case for Court. Instead it should be a case of teachers and parents and maybe some social workers if things really had gotten out of control like is suggested. But Court and criminal charges....? That sounds to much like Ye Olden Days when for the least petty-thing you were sent straight to the Penal Colony without any possibility for appeal.
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Those who can, do

Those who can't, teach

Those who can't teach, govern

Those who can't govern, police

This is another good argument for homeschooling. Schools are mostly here to get your kids ready to live in a police state governed by fools.
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Litle brats... trashing out food. Many people would fight FOR this food. But everything thats abundant is waisted. Like the water people use to clean up the sidewalks here in brazil. I bet they don't do that in europe where millions lack clean water.
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When stuff like this happens, why is it that parents don't say, "Wow, you shouldn't have gotten in a food fight." Instead, the parents are so quick to jump to their child's defense. The punishment may be a little extreme, but is it so much that the respect for authority needs to be undermined? I don't believe so.
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Yeah, this is the kind of extreme acts we hear about US. I don't even talk about it exactly, but remind you that worse than get to jail is to take those kids to Africa and let them keep an eye on the starving ones dying to get a piece of that "ammunition".
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Yup, the police love to arrest eighth-graders for no real reason, right? Wait, I better not say that. Some twit might agree with me.

Story sounds a little one-sided. Maybe they were being treated like real criminals because they were behaving like real criminals.
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this is nuts, I'm sick of this nanny state, care bear crap. When i was at school we actually made real needle ammo for our blow pipes and were running around school firing them at each others butts. All we got was a stern talking to. In retrospect its a wonder nobody lost an eye but it was just seen as a prank, pretty soon we were onto the next fad.
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I would hate to be a kid in this day and age. You can't actually be a kid and do something naughty without getting slammed in jail for it. While I do have to wonder if we are getting the whole story here, if this is the whole story, then I can only say that such a gross overreaction to something that just about every kid has done at one time or another is a sad statement about the way this society is headed.
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So ridiculous. Give the kids detention, make them clean up the entire mess AND maybe do dishes in the back or something, but to put them in jail?? Really??
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Sounds like it's just getting them prepped for what to expect for treatment of the people by our government/authority. No longer for the people, by the people.

Don't forget that soon christmas and halloween will be forbidden, as well as flying the American flag.

Think I'm over reacting? These things are already starting around our country... How can we let these things happen to our children.

Wake up
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I home school my child and if she started throwing food during lunch, she would have a blistered her rear end. Unfortunately schools can't do that these days.

Kids should be at school to learn not to screw off.
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