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Swine Flu: Fear vs. Knowledge

Infographic: Raj Kamal

Raj Kamal of MintLife has a pretty nifty infographic about swine flu. Eye candy aside, I'm not going to take it completely at face value. For one, the graph lists (LOL!) and as source. This particular portion show above, however, looks logical enough to me ;)


When you have kids in the public school system sickness is unavoidable. I'm sure every single person is a potential carrier even with out symptons. It's just natures way of kicking us in the rear.
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I think its funny that some people realize that the current strain of swine flu isnt particulary deadly so they feel safe in ridiculing it. But what they dont understand is, some of the big extinctions were caused by viruses jumping from animal to animal. This virus is one change away from being the next spanish flu. The last thing we need is dummys making it "COOL" to disregard a possible epidemic thus making us a little more unprepared when one actually hits. There is nothing about the swine flu that is safe and unless you vote republican get a shot and keep those hands washed.
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Meh. I had it and it was simply an uncomfortable annoyance for two or three days* peppered with some achiness, a cough and runny nose**.

*Your mileage may vary.
** Your immune system will invariably react differently. Do not taunt happy fun ball.
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My dad has swine flu... it's no joke. He's had it for about a week now and he's lost 15lbs. He has almost a consistent fever when he doesn't take tylenol and his cough is the worst sound ive ever heard.

so there... but i still sit down right next to him and hang out and i still havent gotten it, so...
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