"Bloody Brain Shooters"

Apparently the key to creating "brain tissue" is to mix acidic lime juice with the vodka.  Then when you add the Bailey's Irish Cream via a straw, it curdles into cortical gyri.  A splash of grenadine provides the blood.  The ingredient list and instructions are at Folkinz.  Via Found Here. You will need a couple of these if you plan to eat any of Jill's brain cake...

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Try this shooter!

Cool shot try this one:


It is a variation of a drop shot. You suspend a citrus vodka shot in beer glass filled with half can of redbull, then support it with a Jager shot.

Jager is the pin to the Grenade. Pull the pin (jager) shoot it, citrus vodka falls in red bull then shoot the rest.

see video:

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I'm trying to make these now, and my brains sank to the bottom too. I didn't float the Bailey's like I have for other shots. If anyone has a Youtube video SHOWING how to make the "brain" I would love to see it in action...
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Garry, the "floatability" of the brain tissue would most likely depend on the fat content of the cream and/or whether any air is mixed in with it during the preparation. Did you use Bailey's, or a substitute?

p.s. - your phrase "My brains dropped to the bottom of the shot glass" sounds classic...
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I made these last night using Raspberry Vodka. Very good, looked good too, although with some practice I'm sure I'll get better at building a brain.

The only thing I found to be different is that the brain doesn't float like it does in the photos here. My brains dropped to the bottom of the shot glass. Still looked and tasted great, but I'd be interested to know why...
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