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Super Obamario Wins The Nobel Peace Prize!

So. Unless you've been living in a cave, I'm sure you've heard that President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize (surprise!)

The blogosphere was immediately abuzz with ... confusion. What has Obama done to deserve to win? Isn't it a bit premature? Are Norwegians just Obamafans? And does this mean that the Olympics is ditching Rio to come to Chicago? You'd expect this kind of reaction from his political opponents, but it seems that *everyone* was scratching their heads.

I know, I know - no politics on Neatorama. But I'm genuinely puzzled. What do you guys think is going on?


And yes, I made that Super Obamario Bros. photoshop

As the statement of the committee says, his prize is not for his achievement, but a symbol of a new way of communication and diplomacy among the nations. There were others before, like Willy Brandt, who received the prize for a new way of multilateral relations, which only after the award showed their real effects. The nobel peace prize helped in the case of Willy Brandt to get support for his politics in the society, and I can see the same idea at work here.
I have the impression that not many actually read the explanation of the committee, as to why they decided like this. I'm more or less neutral to the decision, but regret that once more discussions are led without proper knowledge of the background.
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I understand where the committee is coming from, and how it's worked in the past...but in the past, people were at least somewhat more likely to either a. be fully informed or b. stay the heck out of it. Now people get riled up over anything that someone tells them to get riled up about without knowing what's really going on. No matter what happens regarding Obama, people are going to be unhappy.

That said, I'm slightly against him having won even though he has visionary ideas. Willy Brandt had more clear-cut plans, not just rhetoric, and more just needed the support to get the plans moving. I think I'm going to stay out of the discussion from here on out regarding this, but that's just my take on it.
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Maybe it's the world's way of telling us "Don't let Palin win in 2012...

"Here's a prize to help you win reelection because the Neocons, Right Winger personalities and those who call themselves Republicans are still going stark raving mad and they scare us."
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I don't get why anybody would vote yes on this. The war in Iraq hasn't ended yet, and he increased the number of troops in Afghanistan. Not to mention he also allowed assembled/loaded firearms to be brought into national parks. I think people vote yes because he's black and a democrat. He is not the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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It seemed strange to me but I do not know enough about the Nobel prizes to know whether or not it was merited. I guess its the committee's decision and they can give their prize to whoever they want and their explanation about diplomacy, disarmament and international relations was good enough for me. I wonder if there were any head scratchers in other categories.

I'd think having our president win The Nobel Peace Prize would be a good thing but all I see is another thing for people to fight about. I also thought it would be a good thing for Chicago, which as far as I know is in America, to be awarded the Olympic Games but people were celebrating losing out on that.

Also let me briefly express my disapproval of political posts on Neatorama... I disapprove of political posts on Neatorama.
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I wasn't surprised at all. Where Bush would say 'you're either with us or against us', thereby needlessly creating conflict, Obama is using an inclusive approach when addressing the middle east, that is, ultimately the most peaceful solution.
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What is curious is that the deadline for Nobel nominations is February 1, and since the president took office on Jan 20, that gave him approximately 12 days on which to judge the merits of his case. Unless, they are judging him by the work he had done before being elected, but considering how little time any candidate has to do anything but run for office during an election season, that really seems unlikely. He may well one day do something to earn a Nobel, and even though I didn't vote for him, I would be thrilled if he did--he's now my president and who wouldn't want their leader to contribute to genuine peace in the world? That said, I'm afraid the actions of the committee cheapen the award by lowering the bar so much. There are no doubt others who have worked harder and longer and affecting lasting change in the past year. Again, not saying the president won't or cannot, but simply that he hasn't had enough time to do so. They don't have any working time machines in Olso, do they?
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James, really? I'd like some evidence that he's made any peace. I'm not defending bush, but I'm not defending obama either, none of them have made peace.
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He is the leader and figurehead of one of the most militarized counties in the world that has troops in 135 countries and is actively fighting two large wars...
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Not having read the other comments yet (and I intend to), I'll explain my 'No' vote- I'm actually a huge Obama fan- but I don't exactly see what he's done yet to merit an award of such prestige. And from what I've read since the news broke, even the Whitehouse is scratching his head... consensus seems to be that the award is for NOT being Bush- well, yes, that is refreshing, to say the least. But I would love to know what really went on behind closed doors when they were making their selection.
On the other hand, who should have been chosen? It's hard to come up with someone...
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ps again- I did actually read the committee's reasoning as soon as it came through my feed reader.
And- maybe he deserves it simply because his presence is so much less aggravating. In other words, he's a peaceful simply because he's not such an aggressor.
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I don't think the nomination deadline had much to do about it, since final voting was probably pretty recent; only that he would have NO chance if he weren't nominated early.

I was dumbfounded by the decision, but the more I read about it from European sources and people who follow such prizes, the more sense it makes.
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Yes, but if all it took to win a Nobel Peace Prize was to not be an aggressor, shouldn't Canada's prime ministers have tons by now? I don't think the Nobel is awarded based on what you're not. I thought it was for what you've done.
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I think cait put it into words very eloquently. Nobel is supposed to be about achievements - not potential of achievements.

I don't know whether having won the Nobel will make Obama's work any easier though - given the cynicism and disbelief that his award has generated, even from friendly camps.

@dutchboy: obviously the poll isn't scientific. It's supposed to let you vote only once, though I'm sure there are ways to skew it and let you vote many times (but who'd take the time to do that and what for?) I think it's been pretty representative of what I've seen in real life.
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Obama IS an aggressor. You'd know that if you'd been paying attention.

And here's a great little post from about it.

But Alfred Nobel’s will, where he laid out the requirements for winning the Peace Prize, were anything but moderate. Nobel said the prize should go to:

…the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work of an idealistic tendency; and one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity among nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.

Obama has done absolutely none of this. But he has ramped up violence in Pakistan, fomenting a civil war there. And he's thinking about a SURGE! in Afghanistan.

I mean this is like Nixon getting the prize. Seriously. Oh wait. Nixon actually promised to end the war started by his predecessors. Obama never did. O, and Kissinger won the prize while Vietnam was being carpet bombed.

You can't take the Nobel Peace Prize seriously.
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How has Obama increased violence in Pakistan? Seriously, just about all my relatives live there and it would really suck if my president caused my aunts/uncles/cousins/grandmother's deaths. I just spent a month there and yes, there is an anti-America attitude there, but not very anti-Obama.

Anyway, (7% of you are now annoyed at my word usage) I don't think that Obama should have won the prize. Maybe later, when he's done something useful. The committee could have waited till next year to nominate him, couldn't they?
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Any "member of government" can nominate someone for the Peace Prize -- all US Presidents have been nominated.

And the stated reason for this award is not Obama's accomplishments to date, but an acknowledgment of a sweeping and radical change in policy for the worlds most powerfully armed nation.

The poll is misleading. This isn't a reward for Obama -- it's a hue responsibility for him to live up to. Does he "deserve" to be saddled with the burden of making his time in office worthy of being compared to Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King? No, I don't think anyone deserves that. But at this point in our history, it's what he must take on. Sucks for him. But I hope he makes it.
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Really what difference does it make? not one American was an authority on the Nobel Prize, a week ago, no one really knows what its for or how you qualify, the only people who are angry are right wingers, closet right wingers and racists (all of which aren't the same) who heard the word prize, and the word Obama and continued their crazy rantings about how he doesn't deserve it, or its too soon (which is code for, I hate him, but I don't want to appear like I hate him, so if I have to can change my mind, I won't look like a bootlicker.) But if you asked anyone a week ago if they even knew who were eligible no one would have known, and none would have cared. It's propaganda, pandering and evasive manuvers to deface the President because he's black. Fact.
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Its frustrating that you cant have discourse about the president because of his race. I disagreed with Bush and his policies for 8 years and noone ever accused me of being racist. But yet as soon as I disagree with anything Obama says or am critical in any way of the white house then Im automatically racist.

Its very undemocratic when you cant disagree with the president or think that maybe there were more deserving people for a Nobel Prize.
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Interestingly enough, a lot of hate directed at Obama is based on things he hasn't done yet. Like lined up old people for firing squads, crashed the economy even further, instilled socialism as the de facto policy, released the hounds, etc.
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For the uninformed who voted no, go back and read why the committee voted to give the President the peace prize. Once you know you will change your myopic opinion.
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I have my myopic opinion and I stay with it...

It is a political signal to like Dutchboy says- give the president "of one of the most militarized counties in the world that has troops in 135 countries and is actively fighting two large wars" a Nobel PEACE prize... To me that stays completely nuts.

Sun Tzu (544-496 BC) said it- Wars are fought where the wisdom and words of diplomacy have failed.
Obama and his cabinet fail until they succeed in getting their troops out of those 135 countries back to their loved ones and until they stop fighting in at least those 2 wars... In my mind, only THEN he deserves that Prize...

But hey that's only my myopia...
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Those that added Obama's name to the list of those to vote for did so only 2 weeks into his presidency. They said that they didn't vote for him for things he DID, but things they BELIEVE he will do. Lets hope that he lives up to the hype.

The sad part is, many of those that have gotten the NPP in the past claims that this incident doesn't make them feel as special as they used to for winning said award. And I can't blame them. Those that think that Obama didn't deserve this aren't just the usual anti-Obama people. Those that voted for him, and generally agree with what he says believes it was pretty hokey.

Even Obama had his doubts..

What is funny is, it's probably the first time those that think Obama can do no wrong, is in disagreement with those that think that this call was not deserved, even when Obama agrees with them.

I think some heads probably exploded over that one.

I applaud Obama for being generally humble about the whole incident by hinting around that he probably didn't deserve it.

Lets hope that he lives up to the hype.

I've always said that a lot of Europe are jealous because they couldn't vote for Obama. Those in charge of the NPP has also been known to be negative against America's conservatives. I mean Reagan should have won it for his role in bringing down the wall. But who did they give it to instead?

Come on..
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"For the uninformed who voted no, go back and read why the committee voted to give the President the peace prize. Once you know you will change your myopic opinion."

Being pretentiously condescending to people doesn't make you suddenly right. I know exactly why the committee voted for him. I knew BEFORE I came to the conclusion that it's full of it.

I guess according to you, Obama is "myopic" as well. As he too made comments about not deserving it.

This is no way is an attack against Obama.

I don't know why those that staunchly support him are being so knee-jerkish about anyone that believes he didn't deserve it yet. Which does include Obama himself.
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"Can these poll numbers be trusted?"

I hope you aren't insinuating that the owner of said page is manipulating the numbers.

Is it that hard to believe that that many people are using their noodle?

Again, even Obama is questioning it.
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This act turns the Nobels into a popularity contest at best, or an attempt by a small group to influence or control American foreign policy at worst.

If Obama had any class, he would have said "No thanks, maybe next year".

What's next? I hear they're going to give Obama a Lifetime Achievement award at the Oscars, for all the home movies he's starred in.
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We neatorama readers are a bunch of braniacs right?
Interesting that we favor him not deserving the prize.

Also I posted above "“Can these poll numbers be trusted?” and it was meant as a joke.

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It didn't read as a joke. Especially when you just said

"Interesting that we favor him not deserving the prize."

What is that interesting? I would be freaked out had the vote been any other way.
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If you adjust the squelch from the media and put the nomination in the context of the world wide response upon winning the election... the nomination makes perfect sense. Perhaps he hasn't personally made Ghandi like contributions to peace yet, but what he represents in the eyes of the world was historical and deserving of the recognition. After the initial "shock" wears off, I think that you will see more people actually thinking about the message that the Nobel people are trying to convey with this award.
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I deserve the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for my Infinite Renewable Energy machine. I haven't built one yet, but I'm pretty sure it will be cool.
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Let's try again with image links..
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