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Dwarf Village is a Theme Park

120 little people live in a village near Kunming, China. The village was set up to protect the dwarves from discrimination. You can’t live there if you are over 4 feet 3 inches tall.
Now the group has turned itself into a tourist attraction by building mushroom houses and living and dressing like fairy tale characters.

"As small people we are used to being pushed around and exploited by big people. But here there aren't any big people and everything we do is for us," said spokesman Fu Tien.

You have to wonder if there are exceptions to the community rules for normal sized children of the current residents when they pass the height limit. Link

If a little person couple has a kid, and it doesn't carry the dwarfism gene, is it then released into the wild to fend for itself after it grows more then 4 1/2 feet tall?
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If the discrimination is so bad that its preferable to be segregated into a community where the main, or only industry is to hold yourself up to the same ridicule you meant to escape, then, no, Fishbottle, I doubt it's an easy job. And since were talkin' 'bout ridiculing lp's, someone should point out "normal size" isn't the appropriate term, you want to say "average" instead.
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Well, travis, if you're going to get nitpicky about terminology, "average" isn't appropriate either. Most people are either taller or shorter than average. Very few people are exactly the "average" height. On the other hand, one of the dictionary definitions of "normal" is "characterized by average development", and as such, "normal" is probably more appropriate than "average".
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Honestly, what are those kids going to say? "Hey, your dad's a midget!" "Yeah? Well your dad's a midget too, so shut the hell up!"
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Travis is actually correct. The term, "average" is more acceptable than "normal" in the LP community when describing those who are taller than they are. Thanks for the comment anyway, Craig. For example, my best friend is 4'5", I am 5'4" and my boyfriend is 6'4". Using Craig's logic, only I am of average height. Besides that, I would hate to label my friend as abnormal, which he certainly is not.
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I like how this is the way China protects against discrimination just gather a group of similar people in one area and call it a day. Separation does not solve the problem. Another example: while I was abroad, our program took us to a school specifically for children who's parents are convicts. Way to not single out and totally make the children feel accepted in society (*sarcasm*).
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