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How to shave 10 years off your life: Have high cholesterol, be hypertensive, and smoke.

Researchers have taken another look at the famous Whitehall study of over 18,000 middle-aged London men and found that a single measurement of three factors predicted mortality better than any other measures. Those with the three risk factors, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking, had three times the risk of death from cardiovascular problems and a life expectancy that was ten years shorter than those without the three risk factors. The men were examined in 1967-1970 and followed for 38 years. The 4811 surviving subjects were reexamined in 1997.
Dr Robert Clarke (University of Oxford, UK) and colleagues report their findings online September 17, 2009 in BMJ. And when they used more extreme categorization of risk factors, including body-mass index (BMI), diabetes mellitus/glucose intolerance, and employment grade, life expectancy differed by up to 15 years.

Clarke says there has been uncertainty about the limits of life expectancy and the relevance of cardiovascular risk factors for its prediction. "What is unique about this study is the prolonged follow-up; it enables us to put a figure on the life-limiting effects of these risk factors," he told heartwire.


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From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by mrmunchies.

I did smoke, but I stopped after about 20 years of that because I really didn't like it.

I never liked fat food, so that's also not really my thing.

I never put salt in my food and I really eat a balanced dinner and however ADHD I sometimes am, I'm not very stressed- So there goes my chance at high bloodpressure.

But I still don't want to have a long life...!

...Guess I'll stick to riding my motorbike in all weather and doing high-risk sports...
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When I look around me at people's last ten years, I'm actually kinda looking forward to shaving those off !
I for one decided to live my life to the fullest, and will be happy to lodge a bullet in my skull whenever I feel I'm going downhill.
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I find this study a bit biased. Since it was done in London and not Atlanta or say Chicago or even L.A., what mitigating factors of other cities around the world allow their population to live much longer. Most of the people in my family have all lived past 75 and well into their 80's. These are people I have personal experience been stressed beyond all limit, smoking and drinking, with exposure to dangerous chemicals,some of them raising and eating pork. so with all these factors taken out, I can only imagine the number of centurians there would have been in a hundred mile radius.I don't exactly agree with Zof/\, but until the medical community comes up with a way to give me the body of a young man, what's ten years going to do for you.
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My dad was part of that study. At the time he was working in Curzon Street for the DES. I remember the disappearance of butter and sunflower spread appearing.
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It's silly to say that breathing in a cocktail of chemicals for years is harmful! And what's 10 long as you don't end up in a wheelchair with amputated legs, permanently attached to an oxygen cylinder, paralysed unable to speak from the effects of ciggies ..then 10 years might sound like a looong time.:-/
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