Mr. Hair Hat

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This video is in Japanese (?) so I can't offer any information about it. But it's clearly about a man who has cut and styled his hair to resemble a front-brimmed hat. Perhaps some Japanese-speaking Neatoramanaut could translate for us.

Via Boing Boing

Here ya guys go!!!

Commentator: In fact, this man has not taken off his hat for 20 years.
Man with hair hat: "Even when I eat a meal I don't take off my hat"
"Even when I go in the bath I don't take off my hat"
weird psycho yellow thing: "Why do you think this man hasn't taken off his hat for 20 years? That reason is..."

Commentator: "Truthfully, this is his hair!!!"
Spectators: ZOMG crazy!
Commentator: "Danny-san has been growing his hair hat for 20 years"
"If he walks in the city..."
Geisha: "Amazzzzing"
Commentator: "If he goes to a holy temple shrine" (this is confusing to translate, but the
smoke from the temple is deemed to be lucky or holy and thus people wave it onto themselves)
Random girls: "This is hair?! Amazzzing"
Commentator: "Also, if he goes to the bathhouse..."
Old bath man: "Please take off your hat and enter(the bath)"
"What is this?!"
"Your Hair?! hahaha"
Commentator: "It's shampoo time!"
"He rubs his bangs to clean the visor"
"Other people using the bath also..."
"Even after washing it returns to shape, without even using products"
weird psycho yellow thing: "He had a lonely feeling because he couldn't buy a hat, so he grew it"
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"This video is in Japanese (?) so I can’t offer any information about it."

Gee, I don't know. Maybe you could...follow the link in the video description? There is some information there.
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