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Full Body MRI

Have you ever wondered what horizontal cross sections of the human body look like? Here is an animation of a full-body MRI from head to toe! Don’t blink or you’ll miss a vital organ. Link -via Blame It On The Voices

Update: According to several commenters, the images used in this animation are from The Visible Human Project and were taken from a deceased body, using MRI and CT scans and cryogenic cross sections. That body belonged to 39-year-old Joseph Paul Jernigan, who was executed for murder and had donated his body to science.

OK, after watching this for a while, I wonder... has anyone here ever had a full-body MRI? Do they have you hold your arms up somewhat? See, this guy's fingertips disappear before his genitals appear! Having arms that short would make taking a leak really difficult. Or am I overthinking this?
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This isn't a simple MRI scan that anyone can have done I'm afraid. The reality is a bit more morbid. The images you see are called a "color cryosection" for project "Visible Human" in which a donated body was frozen in gelatin, sliced and scanned.

"In August of 1991 NLM awarded a contract to the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center to create the digital cross-sections of a 39-year old convicted murderer who had donated his body to science. The radiological data was created using commercial MRI and XRAY-CT. Two CT data sets were created: one of the fresh cadaver, the other after the cadaver was frozen. Then, the cadaver was embedded in gelatin, frozen and sliced from head to toe. As each layer was exposed, a color RGB photograph was taken. Over 1800 24-bit images 2048 by 1216 were created."

Full articles here:
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I don't think this is an MRI. I've seen this before, and if I'm correct, these are actually photographs taken of a body as it was sliced. It's called the Visible Human Project, and the body (deceased, obviously) was encased in ice during the process.

Here's a link...
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Yeah, I logged in to say the same thing Michael Wendell said above. Not an MRI. Saw this 10 years ago.

I've had MRIs and PET scans from head to thighs. My arms were over my head. I imagine it depends on what they want to see.
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these images are from the visible body project (link provided by mr. wendell above. "go ahead mr wendel"). street anatomy blog has an interesting history of the project. we used the images to study for our anatomy class in medschool all the time. its kind of weird knowing the sordid story of whose body they came from.
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I remember this. At SC'95 we had a 6' tall display screen which displayed volume slices head to foot ( front to back ) "life size".

It was disturbing. Like watching Oscar Meyer walk through a portal.
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Back when I was in school, about 8 years ago, I used the images from 'The Visual human' project to re-create a 3-D model of the man. Trace the skin, extrude a spline, repeat using the next slide. Made a pretty complex looking 3-D mesh. Fun project, now I'm wanting to go dig it up out of my archives and look at it again.
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