Praying Mantis Catches a Hummingbird

Photo: Sharon Fullingim

National Geographic reader Sharon Fullingim took this fantastic photo of a praying mantis catching a hummingbird (and believe it or not, this isn't the first time we've featured such a story). Moral of the story? Don't ever mess with a praying mantis.

From the National Geographic user submitted Daily Dozen (September - Week 1, no direct URL I'm afraid) - Thanks Marilyn!

Amazing picture.

The thing that gave me a deep respect for the force of nature was in Indonesia when I saw this spider no bigger than a pinhead that somehow had conquered a bird the size of this humming-bird. The locals told me that that little spider could incapacitate a human for at least 12 hours...
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That's amazing. You don't think of insects preying upon birds, but the hummingbird is pretty small and the mantis is pretty big and...whatever got into the insect's head to get up on the bird feeder, though?
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D'yer reckon he's been listening to Obama's speech about aiming high and not giving up?

Lots of bemusement on this side of the pond. Can't think what all the fuss is about - politico encourages children to work hard at school for the good of themselves and the country? Ain't that what politicos are supposed to do?
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BlitzWing00 in nature nothing is wasteful- The mantis caught the bird and eats part of it- The rest gets eaten by a hoard of other animals that thrive by that catch. In no time the total bird including feathers and bones will be devoured and recycled into nature itself.
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But as far as the mantis is concerned he couldn't care less if it did go to waste.

There is a video out there of a pod of orca whales chasing down and killing another baby whale. In the end all they ate was its tongue and left the rest to rot.
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Im not taking the time to look it up but I THINK that's the H-bird's tongue sticking out. Seeing how they drink and/or eat from flowers(again, I think). So it may not on its way to build a nest.
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The real tragedy is, if the bird isn't eaten by others, it will decay, giving off gasses and contributing to the global warming problem. Gore should address this crisis immediately.
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yes well you seem to wonder how the tounge is point up like it is this photographer took it the instant the manting struck at first the bird had been dinking some sugar stuff from the feeder then bam prayin mantis strike oh and the final report for today

P E T A is do for the entire group to go to hell

those looney hippies whining about global warming gasses are just high retards are mental ppl cuz its a part of this cycle ice age and such duhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!

and that is all for today and goodnight well for me....

ps. meat rulez
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Support of the Lou Zhu, Lou Zhu worked hard
Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.
ugg classic cardy
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the hummingbird that flew into my room got fed by a fuckin evil cat because of me. I feel so sorry for the bird as it's friends are all over my house doing investigation and questioning me what i did i told them the cat ate it they don't believe and they threatened to shit in my porch if i don't tell the truth. Help pls what to do.
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