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The Man Who Walked Around The World

You don't need a lot of special effect magic to make a brilliant ad. As this short commercial for Johnny Walker whiskey from ad agency BBH London shows, sometimes all you need is a good narrative. That, and Robert Carlyle:

AdFreak suggests that this commercial might be the best of the year so far. It's for Johnnie Walker brand whiskey, and traces the history of that brand in one long, continuous take for six minutes. Unless there clever and hidden special effects, actor Robert Carlyle had to have, and did, flawless timing.

Check out the clip: Link | Interview with director Jamie Rafn

Fantastic - I was totally riveted for the entire 6 minutes - and I don't even care about whiskey. Robert Carlyle is an amazing storyteller - and, the perfect use of (a few) props.
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What I find interesting, is he keeps his walking at quite a brisk pace, and yet his breathing doesn't seem to change once. The guy must be in pretty good shape.
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Justin, it's obviously some ADR at work here. (Automatic Dialog Replacement). I noticed a couple of times when it didn't quite match his lips perfectly. I wonder if that take was the first; there were so many opportunities for failure requiring them to back up and start again.
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I'd imagine that just outside cameraview there are a bunch of guys running their socks off and fire out of their shoes and their lungs and hearts out to place all those props at exactly the right point when the actor comes at certain points in his script. He uses some kind of autocue for the viewer somewhere in the left-low corner for himself right lower corner just outside the camera, because that is where he looks most. And then -I again imagine- when he walks away, that whole crew of prop-placers nearly drop to the ground fully out of air, just Bégging the producer Nót to do jet anóther take because they just can Nót do that run again... :-)
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I did notice he kept looking down at the subtitles, which is pretty impressive, because the words would have appeared backwards to him.
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Am I the only one who is bothered when there are sub-titles for people whom I have no trouble understanding. His Scotch accent isn't so thick it needs subtitles.

They do this on Food network to Morimoto and it bugs be every time.
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"The Man Who Walked Around The World"

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