100 Years of Special Effects

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YouTube user bengraphics created this montage of film clips from the past 100 years, demonstrating the evolution of cinematic special effects.  It was originally just intended for a class lecture, but has gone viral.  Featured films include The Enchanted Drawing (1900) Thief of Baghdad (1940) and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008). Run time: 5 minutes.

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Nice, but one glaring omission kills it: The big gap between Mary Popins and Star Wars where 2001 should be. The effects at the time for 2001 were light years beyond anything that had been done previously. Many of those who worked on 2001 later worked on Star Wars, which in many was an equal to 2001 in effects, but did not exceed it. (I'm talking about the original 1977 release and not the CGI violation Lucas did later.) Compare the effects in 2001 to any of the George Pal scifi films (Conquest of Space comes to mind) and you can understand the massive technical leap that 2001 made. It's kind of like the huge leap in effects made with computer graphics in films like Abyss, T2, and Jurassic Park. (And no, Tron and Last Starfighter are too crude to count.)
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That's "Visual Effects" Not "Special Effects"
Special effects are in-camera effects like explosions or costumes/makeup. Visual Effects are post work including rotoscoping, paint models shop work, stop-motion or modern CG animation.
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Yeah, there were gaps, especially with 2001. And the wrong Star Wars explosion - they weren't doing that in the 70's.
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