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The UFO Cap Umbrella

It's a rain cap! No, It's an umbrella! No, it's both! The advantages of the UFO Cap Umbrella design is that it doesn't have a handle, so you can fold it up and keep it in your purse or backpack. Since your head holds it up, both of your hands are free. The downside is the multitude of people who point and laugh at you. Link -via Everlasting Blort

Another disadvantage would be getting through doors, and you probably won't be the most popular person on the subway. Especially if it's one of those Japanese trains where they have to stuff people in.
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You only touched on the advantages briefly; following the link, I notice that the manufacturer lists a number of other advantages, including, but not limited to:

You are not going to hurt another person s eyes.
You can use two merits at the same time
we can put the logo or mark as your hope.
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Cute concept, but sadly the UFOmbrella is just broad enough to propel a steady stream of rainwater over the edge of the cap and onto the topside of my protruding beer gut, much to my humiliation :(
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Shouldnt the ufo part be on top of the head? All this does is keep your shoulders dry while exposing your face to wind, rain, sleet, hail etc.

Also, what happens when a strong gust of wind turns it comedically inside out?

Any parent that puts this on their kid is a child abuser.
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Reminds me a bit of a medieval raincap that falls over the shoulders. Does it also have a long tail at the back of the head?

Anyhow I think this is a Huge improvement on the umbrella that has deadly dangerous pointy things that give especially ladies completely legit means to blind and mortally wound innocent bystanders...
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Definitely a great step forward in ocular retention.

Why do people look so shocked when you hold up a forearm to fend off their brollies? They're my eyes, damn you.
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It folds up, so its brim isn't so rigid as to pose a problem on the subway; a person pushing against it would just squoosh it in.

I love the Engrish in the manufacturer's write-up that Kev shared with us (2nd from the top)!

And who could mock such a cute kid in such a sporty outfit? (Besides jealous kids who lack similarly sporty outfits, of course)
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It's no worse than golf umbrellas. Geez, people, if a drop of rain hits you, you won't melt.

On the other hand, your huge f-ing umbrella is taking up the whole sidewalk.
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I think in torrential winds this would be deadly.. you could get blown for miles. With a standard umbrella you could just let it go whereas this wonderful item of protective clothing you would be stuck within it. And that child seems awfully pleased with herself being flaunted in such an abnormality!!!- fantastic!
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