50 Amazing Ramen Noodle Recipes

A sign of a tightened economy, ramen noodles are more popular than ever. Still, they can get boring after a while. From Rasmussen College, here are 50 ways to dress up ramen noodles in salads, soups, main dishes, breakfast, and even desserts. Link -via Geek Like Me

I did the one with the soy sauce, chicken, and veggies. It's pretty good. I've seen some people put hot sauce in it but...I don't really want to try that version...
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I love ramen... well.. I love Neoguri seafood flavor ramen. Pop in 2 or 3 eggs (depending on how hungry I am), or some spam, and I'll be happy. I could eat that stuff for forever.
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I like to make "fried noodles and eggs" with my ramen.

Cook 1 package ramen till done, drain and toss with half the seasoning packet and some sesame oil, throw into a hot (nonstick!) skillet coated with oil, let crisp on bottom. Then flip over and break up noodles; pour in one or two eggs beaten with a tablespoon of soy sauce (or to taste). Turn and mix until egg is done to your liking. Good stuff!

This one got me through a lot of really broke days.
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when i was in college my freshman year, my parents gave me a 365 day calendar with 365 ramen recipes. I tried about 300 of them. most were really good. but I haven't eaten ramen since graduation. the mere smell of it makes me vomitous. lol

and my senior year I got 365 ways to use duct tape. I saved both calendars, and use the duct tape one often.
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I survived on Ramen Noodles when I was living in the dorms and the guys I lived with would compete on who would cook and create something we could all keep in our stomachs. Nowadays the very smell of it makes me nauseous.
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the whole "ramen is bad for you" crap is a myth. its just as bad (and good!) for you as a typical meal with meat as the main course. its all about balance. some people forget that they need to keep active, too. this is as simple as walking to the store down the street instead of driving. the problem isnt with specific foods, its with how much food people eat in one sitting and how no one ever excercises... thats why were "all fat" in the United States.
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My all time favortite pig out meal is made with chicken ramen. You make it as intructed but drain all the water out and then add seasoning. Take two slices of bread and put miracle whip on one, the other put a piece of bologna then top with some chicken ramen noodles then top with some lays classic potatoe chips and put other piece of bread on. It is sooooo yummy!!!
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