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Invention Uses Mountain Dew for Fuel

(YouTube Link)

Inventor Paul Patone has invented a fuel delivery system that can turn soda into a usuable fuel. He prefers to use Mountain Dew:

It's called the Geet Sytstem. Basically, it's a fuel booster system that can connect to any engine.

Patone said the best part is that the Geet System creates zero pollution.

The engine isn't exactly full of soda pop. Patone said the complex pipe system vaporizes the fuel before it reaches the engine.

"I haven't invented the engine; all I've invented is the fuel delivery system. And this system will fit a gas engine, a diesel engine, a furnace, a boiler, it will fit anything including jet turbines," Patone said.

Official Website via The Corner

I didn't any information from the video. A cursory Google search makes GEET sound like it doesn't work with the engine under load. When it does work, it seems to improve mileage somewhat. I'd love a follow-up with some digestible facts / explanations..
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So is this suckers and scam day on Neatorama?

From the "plans"
"During the 20 minutes of "burn-in time" the engine must be oriented so as the reaction chamber in which the exhaust is entering is facing to magnetic North. The side where the fuel enter is facing South."

Yeah, we all know that really great discovery's in Physics and Engineering depend on the direction they're set to.

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Of course, the SEKRET ingredient is PLANE water from your tap!!!!!! THEY don't want YUO to """"KONW""".

...etc etc...add bad speliing, paranoia, !!!! and UPPERCASE as needed.
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I have been sporadically following Pantone and GEET for a decade. Pantone is a nutcase, but mostly harmless. Properly developed, GEET could be a real technology, but Pantone will forever find amusing ways to dissuade the investment community.
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Regardless of the questions about Patone's believability, what about that math? Yeah okay, at standard price 2 liters of name brand soda might run you $4, but what about buying in bulk or buying off brands? I'm sure you could manage to find soda at just under $2/gallon that way... Still not ideal, but much better than the AP's estimate. Or does GEET not work with Dr. Thunder and Mountain Lightning?
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How did the reporter think that you'd need the same amount of Mountain Dew to get the engine to do the same work as if it used gasoline. Mountain Dew is more than 90 percent water, which will not give the engine any energy. So, in the best case scenario, you'd need way more than ten times the amount of Mountain Dew than gasoline. Not very cost effective...
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I was sad when i saw this last week at HuffPo, now I'm dismayed at how much web wide coverage it is getting. Here is how this "works", the mason jar is just a means of vaporizing gasoline using exhaust heat. When he adds Mountain Dew, there is still gasoline in the mason jar, gasoline has a lower boiling point than water so what is boiling off of the mixture is still gasoline.
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I just cannot believe this is coming up again. I mean, doesn't anyone do *any* research before reporting on this (major news outlets, bloggers)? Anyone doing some cursory Google searches would be able to uncover the fraud. He sold generators - but never delivered. He sold retrofit kits - that didn't really work well. What about the classes? Or his accociations with Dennis Lee?
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OMG it's a Pogue carburetor for the new century! I'm sorry, but tales of persecution are an immediate indication of quack science to me. As science becomes more complex many people yearn for some simple revelation that shows up the "experts". As a racer, I'd love to find some magic snake oil like this but lots of experience working to understand how internal combustion works and trying to coax more power on the cheap tells me this will only capture the naive among us.
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