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Chinese Farmer Builds Homemade Helicopter

He made it out of wood and a motorcycle engine:

20 year old Chinese farmer Wu Zhongyuan built himself a helicopter using only — according to the man — what he remembers of middle school physics lessons and "relevant knowledge [found while] surfing the Internet via my mobile phone."

Well, sure looks like things worked out. His single-seater conveyance has blades made from the wood of an Elm tree, a frame reinforced with steel pipes and uses an engine from a motorcycle — all for around $1,600. Wu claims the 'copter can get him as high as 2,600 feet, though it seems he's grounded for the time being as the Chinese government has forbid him to fly because of safety reasons.

Link via Geekologie

That has FAIL (bùjigé) written all over it.

Small motor, small rotor, no cyclic control, heavy frame, and a clueless designer/pilot. I wonder why the Chinese government is worried.
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Yeah this is probably a hoax. Given the weight and what the rotors are made of, I doubt it gets off the ground. If it does, there is the problem of control -- I doubt there is a way for the pilot to adjust the tail rotor speed, or to change the attitude of the rotors. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen..
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Compare the power output of a modern motorcycle engine to the units Sikorski and his contemoporaries were using and it's probably possible.

I just love the idea of the Chinese government getting upset about safety.
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He's got a nice fantasy toy, but it'll never get off the ground (well, it might flop over just enough to spray shrapnel across those neighbors croweded around....)
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Sikorsky's first cyclic control helicopter was the VS300 and had a three-blade 28ft rotor and a 75hp motor (which was soon upgraded to a 90hp motor).

I'm pretty sure the Chinese dream machine doesn't come close to either of those spec's.
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After reviewing this case again, I think the Chinese government has every reason to get nervous- This dude is not the first one by a long shot and he certainly won't be the last that builds something to lift off the face of this planet. Especially the Chinese always have been incredibly good at inventing stuff and using it as if it were nothing. Before you know it, every Chinese who ever tinkered with the Chinese equivalents of Lego or Meccano and who has seen even one single picture of the inner works of aircraft, builds one behind the chickens and tries to take off. And if only 10% of 1 billion(?) Chinese do that... Well, immagine the mess that Chinese traffic-control faces then...
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