2016 Olympics Logos

The International Olympic Committee will decide by October which city will host the 2016 Summer Games. The finalists are Chicago, Madrid, Rio, and Tokyo. The design blog idsgn has the proposed logos for each finalist and some runners-up. Which design do you think is best? Link -via Buzzfeed

I don't hate any of those cities so I wouldn't inflict any of them with the Olympics. I in Whistler and the 2010 Olympics are already costing us more than they were supposed to and they're just going to screw over my town when they're here.
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Ahhh, nevermind. I just read the rules from IOC and candidate cities are not allowed to use official Olympic images, but when they are elected the Olympic city, they can.
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For those wondering, the Chicago logo is based on city landmarks. The orange three tier streak is the shilouette of the Sears Tower. The 6 pointed star is on the city flag and the division in the blue streaks with the bottom point of the star represents the two arms of the that run through chicago and merge together at various points before they connect to the lake. I'd have to say Chicago and Tokyo's are the two best... Rio and Madrid's being a little too cartoony for my tastes. I'd have to give the edge to Chicago for the sleek and simple design, though. Tokyo's still seems a bit too busy.
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So let me get this straight. They are to design a logo for the Olympics but can NOT use any OFFICIAL Olympic logos. So in other words the logos they are showing us probably WON'T even be used when the city gets decided on. So they paid a design company big $ far a useless design. Gee the Olympic Committee sounds just like big government, waste lots of time & money on things that won't really matter in a few months.
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The best logo for me chicago. Next is Madrid and then Rio. Although the colors on the Rio logo are a bit dull.
I like the Tokyo logo least. The slanted rectangle bothers me. It doesn't mix in with the ribbon shape and the glow is too much.
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All the talk here, in Chicago, has to do with some people, I would say the majority, not wanting the games. A lot of local press, some of it indy, have pointed out that few or none of the recent cites have seen any sort of benefit from hosting the games after it's all said and done.
I hope another city is given the "honor" of hosting.
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My name is a link to a comparison of the old/new Chicago logos,, they had to change it because of the rule where you can't use Olympic symbols. I loved the old one, new one is blah.
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Nobody else is seeing the "hand turkey" in Madrid's design? You know, how you used to draw an outline of your hand and then make it into a turkey for Thanksgiving (US kids, anyway)? And yes, I see that red middle finger, too.

The Olympics are very...tight about the use of their name, logo, etc. Years ago, I used to participate in the "Olympics of the Mind" creative competitions. The Olympic people would not allow the use of the word "Olympic," even though there was no possibility of confusing the two competitions. So it became "Odyssey of the Mind." Let's see Homer challenge THAT.
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I miss the old Chicago logo as well. Bestest!

Anybody remember the 2012 NYC logo? Good logo!

Also remember that these are logos for the candidates, if they get selected, a new logo will be created.
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Madrid: I keep wanting to make a turkey out of it. Plus a bright red middle finger? Are you kidding me?

Chicago and Tokyo are equally beautiful and streamlined.

Rio: Only three colors? You weren't even trying.
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