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Kooky-Chew: Dog Food for Humans

Bond with your dog by eating like he does with this human safe (and tasty) dog food called "Kooky-Chew". Or just to save time by skipping things like cleanliness and dignity. Each 2.5 ounce serving comes with a bone-shaped candy to polish off the meal. via Geekologie

I used to get those when I was little from the dollar store. loved them! the kibble tasted like the cookie dough candy you get at the movies and the bone was like the dipping stick in the fun dips.
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WOW! What a way to start the morning than to find this post! I got these things once or twice back when I was in late elementary school (i'm 24 now!) as a stocking stuffer from my mom. I can't believe it's not only still around but that so many other people have had the pleasure of experiencing the wonderfulness of this candy!
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Eww? You're telling me you actually think your dog enjoys eating stuff like that? At least the human version supposedly tastes good, and lacks the nauseating consistency of the real stuff.
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Actually, I'm sick of cooking for my kids. They're way too picky. There's never a time when they both like the same meal that's presented to them.

That's why I'm looking for something like this, but a nutritious "Kiddie Kibble" where I can just pour the stuff in a bowl and say "Dinner's served!".

Imagine how easy and time-saving it would be to throw a 20 lb bag of Kiddie Kibble into your shopping cart, bring it home and pour the stuff into a bowl! It would make dinner time a snap!

I don't mind cooking but if the kids aren't going to appreciate the food anyways, might as well give them some Kiddie Kibble.
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Looks interesting.
A note about dogfood though...
I've anways wonder why theres never any "Human kibble" in existance. I'd like a meaty crunchy vitamin laced snack designed for Homo Sapiens. It would make deciding on what to eat so much easier. Just pour a bowl of "Human kibble".

Meh.. then again, we have cereal. Guess thats as close as it gets.
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