Thief Compliments Victim in Hand-Written Note

Matt Neary of Fargo, North Dakota found that a thief had stolen CDs and his wallet out of his truck -- but he did leave a pleasant note complimenting Neary's taste in music:

You have amazing taste in music.
Don't worry about your credit cards and diver's license -- I know I can't use them...after tonight, at least.

Seriously though
Lock your car in the future (local news video) via Nothing To Do With Arbroath

Police around my way are getting very annoyed with people who leave their houses and cars unlocked, then expect the police to find their stuff.

If you left your car unlocked and had stuff stolen, well you shouldn't be such an idiot then should you.
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Very gentlemanly and Arsene Lupin-like on the part of the thief, but that guy who got stolen was a schmuck for leaving his car open with his wallet inside. Anyway, I don't care if they both like B.B. King, I just hope the thief gets caught, you can't blame the victim even when the victim is that clueless.
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A friend told me he sometimes leaves his wallet in his car when he goes to the gym or pool rather than putting it in a locker.

Just drive down the street and push your own remote and you'll open a few garages.

I always lock my car but I dont think I have anything in there to steal. If I do, it's buried under soda cans and other miscellaneous trash.
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"Just drive down the street and push your own remote and you’ll open a few garages."

Do you live in Mayberry?

Any Garage Door Opener built in the last 18 years uses an digitally encoded signal (i.e. a rolling code), and not just s specific frequency like they did in the stone age.
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I cut a hole in the floor of the boot (trunk in ths US) and welded a metal cash-box flush with the floor. It's hard to get at from underneath as the towbar bracket is in the way and from above you a) can't see it 'cos it's under the carpet and b) it's locked.
Very handy for foreign travel when you have passports with you but don't want to leave them in a tent or take them onto the beach or carry them round medieval towns.
Takes the SatNav, too.
Why don't car makers provide a sercure locker?
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So, none of you have made a mistake before?

I had this happen. A friend grabbed something out of my car. The lock had been broken in the past, and if you didn't close the door properly, the lock would half pop up again.

Somebody broke in and took the only thing they could find - a single cd. They left a similar note, stating I 'should really lock my car properly'.

Smug bastard got his. Working next door to a school, I hazarded a guess it was a student. Sure enough, the handwriting was recognized, the kid got ratted, and I got my cd back.
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Yeah it's the guys fault for not locking his car door.

Just like it's a womans fault when she gets raped because she's too stupid to wear a chastity belt.
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It's completely the criminal's fault for robbing you. Completely. But at the same time, how hard is it to lock your door? It always baffles me when I hear about the endless burglaries in my neighborhood where the guy entered through an unlocked door. Why would you leave your house unlocked? We used to do it during the day when I was a little kid because we were always running in and out of the house and we were NOT trustworthy with keys. But otherwise, why? It's a five second thing and can make such a huge difference to your security.
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