Footage from Inside a Wyoming Tornado

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Most people run away from tornados, but not storm chasers: they run toward them! Here's a video clip from SRV Dominator, of a Goshen co., Wyoming tornado last week which actually passed over their car!

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Geekazoid.

The guy on that storm chasers team is very good at tornado chasing. He's kinda uncanny that way.

The other storm chasing team with the weather professor kinda sucks.
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My Dad was trapped by a Missouri tornado once and sought shelter in a pickup truck. The funnel moved the truck about ten yards. To go intentionally into that beauty of nature is awesome. This video is sweet, and full of WHAT.
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When I was young, I once was swept off the ground off a dike and thrown away several meters by a windgust during a storm. Seeing these pictures brings back a nightmare.
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Cool video, but stormchasers remind me of that guy who loved bears... fed them, played with them, cuddled them -- until one day the bears killed him.
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After the nightmare of storms in DFW last night (including at least three confirmed tornadoes across North Texas) seeing a tornado from the inside is NOT on my to-do list right now...
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