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God's Debt Cancellation Plan

Morris Cerullo in a poster advertising for his "Mission to London" (Photo: LoopZilla)

Loan modification and debt cancellation are hot businesses right now. So hot that God himself apparently decided to get in on the action.

Here's a story of how one man built himself a surging evangelistic ministry, complete with "God's debt cancellation" program - yours for the unbelievably low payment of a mere few hundred bucks:

Emotional on-air pitches generate much of the money used to pay network salaries. In March, Morris Cerullo appeared on Inspiration's “camp meeting” with a message to fire up prospective donors.

“Is anybody ready for the greatest financial breakthrough you've ever experienced in your life?” he asked.

The elder Cerullo, a Pentecostal minister, at times appeared to speak in tongues. His gravelly voice periodically rising to a shout, he urged members of the audience to fill envelopes with $900 donations.

“When you sow for your financial anointing, the windows of heaven are going to open for you,” he said. “ … In the next nine months, you are going to experience more financial blessings than you've ever experienced in your life! 100 fold! Debt cancellation!”

Soon, these words appeared on the screen: “Call now with your $900 offering and receive God's debt cancellation.”

Ames Alexander and Tim Funk of Charlotte Observer have the investigative report: - via Raw Story

What disappoints me more about these scumbags is the fact that those that believe them can't tell they are being taken advantage of because they are being manipulated through their own beliefs and vulnerabilities. I wonder how long evangism with survive considering how much of it is eating itself alive.
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I'm a Christian and this guy makes me feel very sad inside.
There's so many idiots giving religion a bad name.

God tells us to give money if we want to, he doesn't demand it of us, but asks us only to give if we are willing. And when I say give, I mean give to the poor and the people who need it.

In my Church we occasionally give money to our members who can't afford to eat due to lost jobs and things.

Not to non-traceable companies and people. :(
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this isn't religion's fault, there are corrupt people in every area of life. i think if people aren't smart enough to see they're being taken advantage of, then they probably deserve it. at least in this situation.
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Unfortunately, (tel)evangalism has been eating itself for decades and is stronger than ever. It's the kind of business that can afford to consume it's clientelle and still count on a steady stream of the credible in the future.

"The god I believe in isn't short of cash, mister."
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Televangelists have been doing this for decades. This guy just knows how to exploit a situation. And the elderly, and the desperate.

Sad. Real churches give you money and help when they can. This is just a business, and businesses are designed to soak up as much money as possible.
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