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Could You Pass 6th Grade Sex Ed Class?

A short quiz that tests whether you could pass sex ed.  It's trickier than I thought.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by MatthewInman.

I got a B-. Sex ed was never that informative at my school. We were taught that you could get chlamydia from sharing a toothbrush. I mean, I suppose that's technically true, but you'd have to be doing something unusual with it.
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if this is 6th grade sex ed class, that means no one over, say, 19 should be held accountable for knowing about the "female prostate."

On the other hand, I had sex ed in high school, too, but I didn't learn about this then, either.
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I got a C- sadly. Of course the ones I got wrong were unfair (women/prostate), or irrelevant to me. The IMPORTANT stuff. (Diseases, pregnancy etc...) I got them all right.

The talk of orgasm was cool. Sex ed now is SO much cooler than when I went to school!
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Got two wrong - the obvious one about sneakily renaming bits when I'm not watching, and the one about prescribing contraceptives - I've a feeling the rules are different here in the UK.
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From wikipedia, re: Skene's gland

The Skene's glands are homologous with the prostate gland in males

In other words, their statement that the skene's gland is the female prostate is akin to saying that a chicken and an eagle are identical because they're both birds.

And it's the "glans" not the "glands".
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Yeah, don't know about that prescription one. I'm a doctor and am pretty sure that we're the ones doling out the OCP's (with the exception of Plan B, but even then you must be >18yo). Maybe NP's, but they still work under the license of an MD.
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What is the length of the average female orgasm?
A 6th grader needs to know these stats? For some it's minutes, for some it's seconds. Sorry for not being a statistician and knowing what happens to be the average.

When used correctly and consistently, latex condoms prevent pregnancy: 98% of the time.
Then you are not using it correctly and consistently. Or is the 2% due to condom failure?

Globally, what is the average age that people lose their virginity?
Here we go again with the stats. Global stats no less.
My guess is that each study done on this will give different results. They would also change over time. Retarded question.

If a teen requests a prescription for birth control, is the doctor required to prescribe it? A: No.
A doctor can refuse to prescribe birth control? Wow, let's have babies then!
Also: I suspect the laws might be different in different countries.
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heh, got prostate, aids, birth pills and average age to lose virginity wrong. kinda got me thinkin really. while in western world kids start having sex in their teens, somewhere people wait till their late 20s-early 30s.
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A doctor has the right to refuse to give ANY prescription, not just birth control. If a doctor believes that a medicine could be harmful to someone they can refuse to prescribe it even if the patient demands it.
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WTH.. since when do they teach how long a woman has an orgasm for. o_O
All we learned was body part and then they plopped us in the library to watch a nasty video of a woman giving birth that even the teachers cringed at.
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I got two incorrect.

I agree that schoolkids don't know about average duration of an orgasm OR the female prostrate.

It mightn't be a bad thing to learn, though. Certainly something to take your mind off of the heinously scary STD statistics for a little bit.
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it's sex ed, so everything sexual will give you HIV. You can get HIV from a hand job or a kiss. In these quizzes if they ask if you "can get" pregnant, HIV, STD or something, it's always true.

It's not very likely to get HIV from sharing a glass, but it's possible. It's not likely to get herpes from toilet seat, but if you ask whether i can get it that way, i guess it's always possible.

And I don't think that trick questions are really useful in learning.funny questions are good, but trick questions only cause people who know things, to doubt themselves and look always for idiotic tricks in the questions.
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I got a C, which I think is actually better than the grade that I got on my final for 7th grade health. I had no idea about the female prostate. Probably because it was renamed since I took health. And we didn't learn about orgasms or anything like that in health, only the negative stuff. I went to an all-girls Catholic school and we learned about the rhythm method of birth control and what not.
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I got a 65%, some of those questions were wonky. On another note, I took the "Can you Vibrate as fast as a sex toy?" and maxed out the meter. ;)
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The whole test was a little skewed. I got a D. It took me a minute or two to even figure out that was an image of a condom, let alone discern a low-rez staple.

I got the orgasm duration question, though! Thank you, ladies, for years of intensive training...
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