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Cocaine and LSD in the Air of Spanish Cities

If the residents of Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, seem a little bit high, that's probably not because they're high on life. Instead, it may just be because of the cocaine and LSD found in the air. Yes, you read that right:

A new study has found the air in Madrid and Barcelona is also laced with at least five drugs - most prominently cocaine.

The Superior Council of Scientific Investigations, a government institute, said on its website that in addition to cocaine, it found trace amounts of amphetamines, opiates, cannabinoids and lysergic acid -a relative of LSD - in air-quality control stations in the cities.

But authorities say that the amount is so miniscule that there's no reason for alarm: Link (Photo: cuellar [Flickr])

Can't say I'm surprised. I visited Barcelona last week and stayed in the centre on the Ramblas. On my first night I had my wallet stolen by a pickpocket, saw scores of prostitutes and people selling drugs and almost got mugged by the harbour.
Other than that it's a beautiful city if you don't mind being ripped off in most places. I paid £8 for a pint although that was probably just the price for tourists.
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In the terms of the great AMC series "Breaking Bad", it sounds like somebody just outside the cities is doing a lot of 'cooking'.....
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How do they detect parts of microgrammes of LSD in air? Also the telegraph is the last bastion of the old school col blimp little Enlander,and this is classic Telegraph journalism-Druggy dirty Europeans and thier filthy drugged air.
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As barcelonian am not surprise, it's very common see people playing with "lines" at club restroom, and hashih is so common, nobody care, but a lot of people doesn't take or sale drugs, they play soccer!!!

I also have to say to BG the drugs sale to tourist are fake, normaly smash aspirine if you ask for cocaine, or mud with some kind of grass if you ask for hashis, and of course 8 pounds if you ask for a beer :)
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@BG and Santi- Are you sure we talk about Barcelona...? I was there some time ago for about a week for my job, had my hotel in a small street close to the Ramblas so had to walk there daily. Went a few times to the harbour. The only exiting thing that happened to me once was some guys offering me beer and ASKING me for stuff like how to get to the Cathedral and if I had drugs for them... And I only speak about 2.5 words Spanish. No truly- I nearly fell in love with that city- So friendly and open and colourful. I found it one of the more relaxed cities that I know in Europe. Okay- so that could have been the effect of those traces of drugs in the air... And that also could account for those incredible wonderful buildings by guys like Gaudi and alike they have there. :-D
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@ D.D

"or any city in Canada"? It's not like drugs are legal like in Amsterdam...

I don't think more drugs are consumed in Canada than in the US... well, since there are 10 times more people in the US than in Canada, more drugs are consumed in the US!!
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@Växjö Åberg: Thanks for pointing out that *important* distinction.

For anyone who doesn't know, lysergic acid is primarily found in ergot, a rye mold found almost everywhere, AND it does not get one high by itself.
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Ah... Gauldar... Hm... Never thought of that possibility...

No, sorry- When I'm on duty for my salary-paying Boss, I in fact wear rather neutral attire. ...But they say that it's all in the gaze... ;-)
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@Foreigner 1
I was perhaps at little unfair, it is a beautiful city and Gaudi's buildings are fantastic so we had a great holiday despite the bad bits. However I really didn't feel safe walking around at night trying to look after my girlfriend. I felt more on edge than any other large city I've been to such as London, Rome, Tokyo.

I got the impression that we were targeted for being English (despite having a go at Spanish) and even an Italian friends said the same when he was talking in English to his girlfriend. I always wanted to go to Barcelona, but I was very disappointed with the night time atmosphere - not what I expected at all.
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