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Drinking Wine Adds 5 Years to Your Life, Beer 2.5 Years

From Bloomberg News:
Half a glass of wine a day may add five years to your life, a new study suggests. Drink beer, and you’ll live only 2 1/2 years longer.

Dutch researchers followed 1,373 men for more than four decades, noting their eating and drinking habits. Men who had about 20 grams of alcohol daily — equivalent to a half a glass of wine — had 2 1/2 years added to their life expectancy at age 50, compared with men who didn’t drink at all, according to the research published today in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Men who consumed only wine had twice as much added longevity.

Link via Alphecca

Your assignment: in the comments, devise rules for a Neatorama-themed drinking game.

Image via flickr user rpeschetz

Hmmm... So if I drink wine AND beer, I'll get an extra 7.5 years...

So for a full glass of wine and 2 beers a night, I'll get 15 years...

I'm going to drink my way to immortality.
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20 grams of wine is less than 2 Tablespoons. Even if 20 grams were equal to half a cup, who drinks half a cup of wine a day? That's only 4 ounces. I guess the Neatorama drinking game would allow you drink wine in 1 Tablespoon increments. The winner would be the person who could drink only 1.
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Hmm... did they control for what sort of beer is drunk? I mean, that's yellow lager-drinking country there. I expect decent beer (stout, real ale, etc.) is just as good for a body as wine, if not rather better.
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How about you have to drink a beer every time Neatorama posts a story or video about an animal?

A glass of wine at every typo.

Should we also do rules for specific types of articles? Like a beer for the "Music tidbits" articles?

What about rules for new posts about something that already had an article? Like if the someone made a flash game, got a post about it, then made another flash game and got another article? Or like the two articles on Sonya?
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"20 grams of wine is less than 2 Tablespoons".

Wine isn't pure alcohol. A standard drink has about 14 grams of alcohol in it. So, drinking 20g would get you about 2/3 of the way to being too drunk to drive.

The downside of living 5 years longer is that you have to spend the previous 60 years slightly intoxicated.
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How many years can you gain if you drink SEVERAL glasses of wine a day?

Because wine is great. I really, really like wine. I'm drinking wine RIGHT NOW.
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I just started trying this with Merlot, as it is a mild red wine. I measured out a bottle of 750ml into 5 parts and then reduced a little, so that a normal bottle of wine should last 5 days, if only half a cup (4 ounces) is drunk with dinner, measuring it in a metric cup. This is an old study actually. Garlic also increases longevity, as well as Turmeric, which can be got in curry powder.
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