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Grizzly Bear is Best Man in Wedding

Photo: Grizzly Creek Films

Brutus, the best man of naturalist Casey Anderson and actress Missi Pyle's wedding is a bit hairy. He also didn't wear any clothes, but that's okay because he is a 800-pound Grizzly bear that Casey raised since birth!

The Daily Mail has more pics: Link | By the way, Casey & Brutus are going to be on National Geographic Channel spcieal this May called "Expedition Grizzly"

Something's fishy about that "photo". As mentioned above, the bear doesn't look right. But also, the bride's head is like freakishly large. Maybe he's just a tiny man. Either way, it looks like a collage made with a bear from one photo, a man from a second photo, a bride from a third photo, and a background from a 4th photo.
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Agreed, this appears to be a hoax. Everything about it, even the story,screams fake. I'm not a Photoshop expert but I do a bit of website design and photo retouching and the picture is all wrong. Unless there are some seriously strange circumstances here the lighting, shadow and perspective are all wrong. Proof please.
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here is another link with the same story, but many more photographs.
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Story could be true, and this could be a bad photo job. Maybe they inserted the background in.

Wait... Daily Mail? Yeah, story's fake.
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i'm pretty sure this is true cause i saw a video about this.
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They are such a cute couple. Neat story. I'm going to guess it's true.

Shae, Oh I did see the moive with Timothy Treadwell recently. Yikes! I think this bear is different. The one that ate him was old, starving and not as familiar with people.
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Yup. Photoshopped for sure. Lighting is completely off. Wait, more pictures from different years? They're really going all out with this hoax. A National Geographic special with video and interviews with friends and family? Conspiracy.

Seriously, people. Have we lost the ability to trust? This is an extremely endearing story should get the respect that it deserves.

Also, this extremely different form the Grizzly Man story. For one, this man raised this bear from birth and has been living with him for 6 years. The bear that Treadwell was killed by was not only a wild bear, but also one that was from a different area than the one he lived in. All of the other animals knew him, but that bear was a stranger, was starving, and had a history of aggression.
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Hello PacktLikeFishees

I like your sentiments, but the bear is still a wild animal at heart, and animals at some point ususally follow their instincts.
Lunch time for the bear at some point...
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Looks legit to me, or are you Photoshop peps just being silly/sarcastic? As far as the lighting goes, it looks fine. Looks like a sunny day, but they're in a very shaded area due to the height of the evergreen trees around them, and the camera is adding its own light source. The woman's head is big, but not unreasonably. The angle at which her head is held would give it that appearance.
And c'mon... its a bear not an alien. Why is the idea of a trained bear so fantastic?
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The photos are real...this guy's name is Casey Anderson and he has raised the bear since it was 5 months old. National Geographic channel aired a documentary on Casey and Brutus (the bear) and other Yellowstone bears.
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