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Fast Food in Asia & Australia

Continuing the series begun with Fast Food in Europe (previously at Neatorama) HealthAssist takes a look at fast foods found in Australia and various Asian countries. In Indonesia:
In most cities it is common to see Chinese dishes such as bakpao (buns), bakmi (noodles), and bakso (meatballs). Though, pork is not used since the majority of Indonesians are Muslims. Another popular Indonesian street foods and snacks are siomay (mackerel fish meat served with peanut sauce, pempek (fish and sago), bubur ayam (chicken congee), bubur kacang hijau (green beans porridge), satay (diced or sliced chicken, goat, mutton, beef or fish), nasi and mie goreng (fried rice and fried noodle), gorengan (Indonesian assorted fritters).

Link -Thanks, Karen!

I would expand upon the Australian entry to include a few other items and explain a bit more about the things listed.

There's the DIM SIM, not to be confused with Dim Sum, as where Sum is a meal of steamed and fried treats the DIM SIM is an entirely bodged together Aussie take on a pork and pastry dumpling.

They are MONSTROUSLY bad for you but quite fabulous.

I'd recommend the ones from South Melbourne Market, just walk around the outside until you see a big queue...that's it. And get the fried one, not the steamed on.

Other than that is the Australian OBSESSION with the Meat pie.

They tend not to ellucidate upon what the meat is and in the past it has been discovered to be a mix of cow camel rabbit and pretty much road kill.

I prefer a couple of FOUR'n'TWENTY pies with a big slop of Dead 'Orse

Here is one of THE most Aussie views in the whole continent.

A FnT pie being eaten at the FOOTY (looks Like Saint Kilda to me).

Then there is the horror that is the CHIKO roll.

I can't stand the things but some folks swear by em, indeed live and die by them.

Other than that....Camel Jerky.

The thing about Oz is it's a nation made of folks from everywhere, who become true blue dinky di Aussies in a single generation, so most Aussies think of Nasi Goreng, Souvlaki, Thai red Curry, Dim Sum,Sushi,gyros, curry, burgers and sausages (snags) as being fundamentally Australian.

Which I really like about them.
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Article doesn't mention some popular fast foods in north India. It lists mostly foods from the west of India.

In north India, in addition to chaat, we have kebabs, noodles (part of a cuisine called Indian Chinese), samosas, sweets like jalebi etc.

Yummm.... makes my mouth water just thinking about all this stuff.
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In China, chicken FEET (on a stick no less) are a snack food.

"So good, you can really taste the cartilage."
"Toe sucking good."

If you want photos. I've got 'em.
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Chinese Dim Sum is awesome. Don't miss the Xiaolongbao - there's soup in there! I suppose, not having seen the process of making these, I'm amazed. At least, the effect is cool.

Chicken feet are also eaten in the Philippines, commonly sold by street vendors and 3rd(?)-class restaurants. It's no big deal and seems like a waste of money: all floppy skin and not very flavorful. It gets worse: they also sell cubes of cooked blood (probably chickens') and intestines on a stick. Vendors often have an open jar of vinegar for you to dip them in. It's communal. Bad for you in a CDC way.
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What kind of Chinese dish doesn't use pork?


All said though, I wish there were street foot stateside, it's one of the things i miss most about the third worlds i've visited.

They know how to EAT son.
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And what happened to the Philippines? did that just disappear off the map?
Street vendor food is the best. Boiled peanuts. Isaw. I'm hungry to. :(
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Philippines also nests yummy street foods. Chicken feet is also included in the menu. Tokneneng - quail egg covered in orange flour mixture - is also one of the best!

@PaulVI - cubes of cooked blood are called betamax. And yes the dips are communal before but now there are vendors that offers small cups where you can dip your food :)
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