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Star Wars Cantina on Harp

[YouTube - Link]
12 years old Benjamin is playing this classic Star Wars music.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Christophe.

Glad this made it through to the front page; it was getting beat up when I upvoted it. Totally cool, and you just don't see very many lil dudes rocking a harp.
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As talented as he is, I am so spectacularly tired of that song even 30-years later I couldn't get through more than a twenty seconds of it.
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@ Ali S.

the pedals are how you get the sharps and flats. one of the harp majors who studies music with me has 6 pedals on her harp. it's totally cool to watch when she gets both feet going!
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You're mom has 6 pedals on her harp.


Did ya see what I just did there? Did ya?! I took the lame old Napolean Dynamite joke, "Your mom goes to college..." and I adapted it to better suit a comment for this story by changing out the part about your mom going to college to the falsified fact that she too has 6 pedals on her harp and that in some way you should be offended, sarcastically speaking of course, that I would even mention this fact about your mother in public. I truly am a dishonorable ass for doing so. My sincerest apologies to you...and your mother...who has 6 pedals on her harp.

Ha...ha...hahaha!!! Got you again...sucker.
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Actually your mother would have seven pedals on her harp - one for each note A-G. The pedals attach to the upper mechanism with steel rods inside the column. The upper mechanism has, if I remember from my tour of Lyon & Healy, over 1500 parts. There are scores of linkages and cams to change the effective length of all of the strings of the same note (A, for example) at the same time. It is a fascinating instrument.
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