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Neatorama is Hiring: Illustrators and Models

Psst! Do you want to make a few extra bucks?

The economy is tough out there for artists but we have good news for you: we are hiring freelance graphic designers to design nifty T-shirts for the Neatorama Online Store as well as a couple of models (male and female, a couple preferred) to showcase the T-shirts.

Both of these positions are part-time/freelance - you can work from your home (though we prefer that you be in the USA and 18-years-of age or older). Oh, and models get to keep the shirts after they're done modeling 'em :)

Please email Alex for more details - be sure to include this as the subject line "Neatorama T-Shirt Designer Application" or "Neatorama T-Shirt Model Application."

Thank you!

Update 3/18/09: Thank you to everybody who applied! We're sifting through hundreds of qualified applicants now and will make our decision shortly.

If clicking email alex doesn't work, that means you have javascript disabled. The benefit is you don't see the ads, but then you also can't email me. :)

@Teeny: average is perfectly fine :)
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Guys if you can't get the "Java Link" to work Alex's email address is not hard to guess. Just really really think about it nice and hard and it will come to you ;)
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I applied to design shirts! Come to think of it, I could model too. I'm not ugly but I'm not Hugh Jackman, either. Catch me on a zit-free day after I've blow-dried my hair and I could be passable, maybe. ;-)
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I am on the road vacationing and wish to apply for the t-shirt design job. I have over 35 years experience as a designer and illustrator. I have created t-shirts for many companies and occasions. Please look at my very old website to see some of the diverse styles and subject material of my work. I cannot send you more info or samples tailored to your needs right now as I am using a friend's computer. I will be back home on Monday the 22nd. Another website of illustration samples of my work is at: theispot:

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so you HAVE to be in america if you're the illustrator?
not cool, neatorama... not cool.
[actually, I might as well throw my hat in the ring, even though I have buckley's...]
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Sure, when they see a pic of me wearing a Neatorama shirt they won't feel all self-conscious. Just one look and they say, "Hey, I could look better in it then that guy"!
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Ok, because I'm not good at guessing games, I sent an email to his first name at the website. Am I correct? I'm really interested in designing and I haven't received a response yet to the above combo. If its different, please let me know.
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