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"Feeling Good" by Nina Simone

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Sometimes when you've had a rotten day or had things not work out for you a song can come by and just lift you up by empowering, invigorating and energizing your being. And, so, with the news that we'll be seeing a lot more of the white fluffy stuff we could all use a little uplifting. So, take a good dose of Nina Simone's amazing voice and a fantastic video and you've got yourself medicine to shake those winter blues out of you, baby. Stop by the comment section and drop us a line on what song(s) you listen to to shake off those negative vibes.

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Mmm. I certainly do love that song (the Muse version is quite good, too).

Whenever I'm feeling like crap, I like to listen to The Weakerthans--a seriously amazing but seriously underrated band--to cheer me up. Their smooth vocals and light, creative (!) rock never fail. I particularly like 'Plea from a Cat Named Virtue,' 'My Favorite Chords,' and 'The Prescience of Dawn.' They also have the most amazing lyrics; they're pure poetry. Highly recommended.
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She's awesome, just bought that song recently. Great video, and I'd have to say the songs I heard today jazzed my day up in an ironic way. The local classic rock station, KGON, is playing their whole library A-Z by title, and I happened to hear "Gone Shootin" by AC/DC and "Gonna Raise Hell" by Cheap Trick back to back. What can I say, they jazzed me up.
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Well, now I feel kinda like a twinky, but Mr. Blue Sky by ELO

I'm not ashamed!
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Great song. I recently found the old Four Tops song "Loco in Acapulco" which is just so energetic it can't help but put you in good spirits. Also on my list are "Ordinary Day" by Great Big Sea (which really is a must listen! It's on youtube), "I Stand" by Idina Menzel, and "Lucky Today" by Cloud Cult (from the eSurance commercials lol).
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I usually listen to B-52's Song For a New Generation ( or Abba's Dancing Queen ( Then, I'm happy again!
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The Wax Tailor version of feeling good (named "how I feel") is very good too, if you like trip hop:
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I agree, I think the Michael Buble version of 'Feeling Good' is better. I just think he has a nicer voice. Anyways, I love music. It's my favrit thing ever, over movies or photography or even eating. Maybe not makin' love though. When I'm in a bad mood ANY song (as long as it's a good song) can cheer me up.
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Most of the album Super Extra Heavy Gravity by The Cardigans gets me out of a funk. Or, if I'm really low down I reach for my childhood/highschool music: Canadian indie rock. Thrush Hermit, Tricky Woo, Sloan etc.

Some of the images in that video would make really lovely images screen printed on shirts.
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Still the best version. I just listened to "The Wannadies - You and Me Song" which always puts a big smile on my face >>
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Nina Simone didn't write this song, and her voice isn't to everyone's taste, but she made this song hers. Michael Buble's version is soulless and square. I am curious to hear Muse cover it though.
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One of my favorite songs and a fantastic video to go along with it. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy c:

Whenever I need cheering up, I either listen to 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz or anything upbeat by the Barenaked Ladies, in particular 'Angry People', 'Another Postcard', or 'If I Had a Million Dollars'
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Anything by LCD Soundsystem can break me out of a funk, usually.

I like "Feeling Good," they just used Buble's version on American Idol the other night.
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"the pizza song" by the bouncing souls is such a fun song
and "st. andrews" by bedouin soundclash is fun and relaxing.

&&& i always love "be kind" by devendra banhart

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i have a it just me or Mary J Blige is not will not make a good Nina Simone in an upcoming movie.I think Alicia Keys will be perfect.not only she can play the keyboard, they have that same look.wat do u guys think
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@ fabregas

I think Mary J Blige has the look but you're right Alicia Keys has the voice. Good idea. I'm just glad that no one thought of Beyonce Knowles...she can sing but I wouldn't want to see her as Nina Simone. She's got too much of a Pop vibe to her. :P
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I see you're a Nina Simone fan,
I'm about to release a project paying tribute to Nina Simone and I've put together a Trailer/Sampler for the project in the format of a Youtube video. Help me continue Nina Simones legacy and support this project by posting the trailer on your blog.
It's called "In Search of her Soul: A tribute to Nina Simone"
Here's the link...
Thanks In Advance
Video Code:
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