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In Japan, Blood Type Rules All

There's an odd fad going on in Japan: that a person's blood type determines his personality.

But it's not all fun and game. The craze has gone so far that there's a new form of discrimination called "bura-hara," where someone may not be offered a job because of his blood type.

In Japan, "What's your type?" is much more than small talk; it can be a paramount question in everything from matchmaking to getting a job.

By type, the Japanese mean blood type, and no amount of scientific debunking can kill a widely held notion that blood tells all. [...]

Taku Kabeya, chief editor at Bungeisha, thinks the appeal comes from having one's self-image confirmed; readers discover the definition of their blood type and "It's like 'Yes, that's me!'"

As defined by the books, type As are sensitive perfectionists but overanxious; Type Bs are cheerful but eccentric and selfish; Os are curious, generous but stubborn; and ABs are arty but mysterious and unpredictable.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Geekazoid.

This has been around for a while; I remember my friend (who is very Japanese) asking me what mine was and then reading my 'description' probably about, oh, five years ago.
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There's a diet plan based on blood type: Eat Right For Your Type. It's based on the fact that the different blood types can be mapped to different geographic regions and lifestyles.

The theory goes that people migrated out of Africa (type O) and had to adapt to new foods. At some point, they mutated to create the newer blood types (A, B, and AB) which were better at processing the new foods and which gave an evolutionary advantage.

So the diet plan is that if you eat the right foods (the ones for which your blood type was developed), then your digestive system is more efficient. And you lose weight.
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The Japanese believe in this blood type nonsense.

Nearly all US presidential candidates believe in literal biblical Creation.

Hell, at least blood types actually exist.
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"Eat Right For Your Type" exercises me a little because it is so simple. It turns out that Chimpanzees are polymorphic for ABO blood groups. But you don't find them becoming farmers or migrating to North America. And it ignores all the other blood groups (variable antigens on blood cells) of which there are more than a dozen detectable. Now MY theory comprehends all the data: if you are AB, Fy(a), K, Le (b), MN, Rh(cDe) then you really shouldn't eat prawn crackers.
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It aint no fad.
Its serious business as shown.
Its part of the culture and has been used to bracket people since bloodtypes were able to be read, Id say at least 70years!
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Koreans also believe in 'blood horoscopes'. Every single address book I've bought in a Korean stationary shop has blood type listed. I thought it was kind of weird so I asked my family. They didn't talk about personality traits, just medical ones. My brother has stomach pains and intestinal problems and they attribute that to his AB blood type.
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