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Beware the Nauga

Back in the l960s when the watchword was "better living through chemistry,"  furniture manufacturers created an impervious vinyl upholstery and named it Naugahyde. 

To encourage consumers to buy it, some advertising folks came up with the Naugahyde monster campaign:  "The Nauga is ugly.  But his vinyl hide is beautiful."   Those clever Mad Men!

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From the Upcoming Queue, submitted by Marilyn Terrell.

Once these valleys teemed with herds of wild nauga. Then, as the settlers moved in and the ecosystem was changed by man's ruthless greed they all but died out except for a few prize naugas kept by enthusiasts. However, all is not lost.

As global warming makes more of Canada and Alaska suitable for the nauga's habits we again will see the shy hen naugas peeping through the trees and the boistrous fledgling naugas leaping down freshets splashing each other, making their characteristic ullulating call, "Yerwot, yerwot, yerwot". Meanwhile the cock naugas strut their stuff on the brow of the hill, proudly staking their claim to the surrounding square mile or so.
And, of course, getting shot for being so stupid as to pose on a skyline.
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This reminds me of an episode of "Alf" where Alf complained that the bamboo furniture the family had purchased wasn't even real bamboo. "It's Naugaboo," said Alf. Funny!
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Wasn't there a joke in the first Leisure Suit Larry game about Naugas? Something like "The door is covered in Naugahyde, and you wonder how many Naugas had to give their all."
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you wonder how many Naugas had to give their all.

None! According to

Q: With all the cruelty in the world, how can you kill those cute little Naugas just for their hydes?
A: We don't. Naugas shed their hydes without harm to themselves, making Naugahyde the Cruelty-Free Fabric.
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Here is a photo of an adorable little boy and his Nauga, circa 1969 (the boy is me)

Here's a photo of an adorable little boy and his Nauga, circa 1969.

Me and my Nauga by ~Schwingding on deviantART
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I used to work with a guy who had an off-beat sense of humor: he claimed he had his wife in tears by telling her that the hides had to come from baby Nauga, no more than two days old, but the better ones were fetuses aborted a few days before birth.
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