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The Musical Stylings of Dr. House.

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Before Hugh Laurie became the legendary House, he got his start in comedy, including Blackadder and his own show with Stephen Fry aptly titled A Bit of Fry and Laurie.  His show with Fry was a sketch show with Laurie doing musical numbers in between.  One of the funniest songs is called "Little Girl", and yes, that is Hugh Laurie singing and playing piano. 

From the Upcoming Queue, submitted by myleti.

Hugh Laurie as Lord Monty in the Young Ones.
I find it funny that House fans are only now being exposed to him. I also find it funny that long time Laurie fans are amazed at his dramatic performances.
I myself keep waiting for him to say something like "Wasn't it Monk Da Willydahonk?"

If you want to see more of his talent - go to youtube and type in Hugh Laurie Jeeves and Wooster.
There are so many great performances of him on piano.
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The man's a genius. But hey! Three words: Oxford, Eton, Cambridge.
Apart from being a 'goof' and a top actor, he's also a brilliant multi-intrument (jazz)musician, AND the world's best 'mouth-trombone' player!
(I could find only a small sample, but I've wittnessed him doing it many a-times, believe you me.)
You can see a brief example when you look for the Sophisticated Song on YouTube.
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I love Hugh Laurie. I was listening to my Jeeves and Wooster soundtrack when I saw that this was posted here.

My favorite song that he has done is tied between "Where is the Lid?" and "Mystery"
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I'd say he got more than just a start in comedy. He was a legend long before he started doing House, although many N. Americans hadn't heard of him prior.
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To all N.Americans (and S ones too if you want).

Did you know him before 'House' (which I don't watch) and if not, have you seen or been bothered since?

I was surprised when I saw a 'Hugh Laurie' in a yanq show called 'House', thinking 'that is a co-incidence', then saw his fode, and thought 'it even looks like him'. That is how surprised it was him I was.

If I may stretch your tl:dr skills. Another actor that changed was Chris Barrie as Ace Rimmer. I was amazed he was that good an actor.
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"got his start in comedy"? As if Jeeves and Wooster, the Footlights, Fry & Laurie etc were all a warm up for his American 'break' in House? Sheesh....

House is great. But Hugh is a legend of British comedy in his own right.

*climbs off soapbox*
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Maybe us Americans will not look as bad if I chime in and mention I was a fan of Hugh Laurie from "Blackadder" years ago. My girlfriend was shocked when I showed her some old episodes and contrasted them with "House."

I don't watch "House" but I'm sure he figures, as long as the checks cash, who cares if it's comedy or melodrama?
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I love Fry and Laurie and Blackadder, but this is very creepy and disturbing. Doesn't anyone think that a "funny" song about a child molester is completely inappropriate and completely revolting?
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With this song you have to watch the pictures in the background.
This is sung in reference to young girls in the media at the time, who basically became famous for being sexy.
Most specifically about Mandy Smith, who married Bill Wymann from the Rolling Stones when she was only 18 or so.
I also think page3 girl-turned-singer Samantha Fox is up there.

So this is actually a satirical comment on what was really going on in society at the time.
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Okay, I've read all 19 comments. Thanks for commenting. The way I worded the info about the vid could have been better. I wasn't implying by any means that Hugh just did comedy on the side while he went to work as an accountant or something. He started out in comedy and worked his way to doing everything he's done up until now, including House. I know he was popular before House. He will continue to be popular for what he did before he did House. I didn't mean to make any of you upset or angry or whatever. Just had to get that off my chest.

Sorry if I upset you. Can't we all just enjoy Hugh Laurie no matter his role? :D
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