Giant Lobster Held For Ransom

The owner of a seafood store in Wickford, Rhode Island received a lobster shipment from one of its suppliers, and came into possession of a 20.6-pound lobster caught off Georges Bank in Canada.

He decided to release the lobster, but first ransom it to raise $2,500 for a local food bank.  So if you want this 65-year-old lobster to swim free, send a contribution to the "Free Wickford Willie Fund" by Saturday, January 31.

Photo: Adrienne Downing

Link - via coldmud

Reminds me of an article I read regarding all fishing humans have done over the years, and how evelotionary traits have been forced into their development. There have always been rules to throwing back the smaller (which some people assume to be younger) fish/shellfish, but with this happening there has been upto a 30% decrease in size over all these years. I hope we start throwing back the large ones and reverse the screw ups, but that won't happen any time soon, let along the time required for life itself to develop those changes.
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Nyah, see! Fork over the money! Or, else the lobster gets it, see! Nyah! And just to show you we ain't messin' around...Jimmy...get the pot of water boilin' and the butter meltin'. Nyah!
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this is another one. at least he's trying to raise money for the food bank, but it's cheaper just to buy the thing at market value to set it free
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They used to throw the big ones back, too. I'm not sure how/why/when the rules changed about throwing the biggest lobsters back, but it's only been in the past 15 years or so that massive lobsters like this one have been available to purchase.

One way of maintaining the lobster fishery involves rules that lobsters UNDER a certain size must be thrown back into the ocean. Also, if a lobster is caught bearing eggs OUTSIDE ("glued" to the bottom-side of its tail), the back of the tail is notched with a V using a hand-tool, and the lobster is thrown back. The V marks that lobster as a fertile, mating, egg-bearing animal. Any time a lobster with a v-notch is caught the lobsterman (or lobsterwoman!) is obligated to return it to the deep.

As for throwing back all lobsters ABOVE a certain size... It was certainly a practice at least into the 1980s. It may have been voluntary - I'm not certain.

Maybe Luigi the Quahog guy knows.

I'm in coastal Massachusetts and my next-door neighbor is a part-time lobsterman.
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I've had a few like this before. And as far as the meat goes. Its honestly not as tough as people think! Theres really little difference. Unless of course you over cook it. I'm assuming thats what people usually do
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Save yourself Willie! Fight the Good Fight!

We are Lobsters, hear us roar! (fyi - it's not just air escaping)

Fight the Good Fight Brother!
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Hey folks,
We released Wickford Willie today 2/2/2009 (there was only one lobster). This lobster was worth $1150.00 which was donated to the food pantry. Even though Willie did not get eaten he will feed many people, thanks to all who donated.

Once again thank you,
Gardner's Wharf Seafood
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