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When Olan Mills Goes Bad

This blog full of Olan Mills, Sears, and other similar portrait studio shots is just too funny. I've definitely seen some doozies in my parents' album, and I have no doubt my kids will someday look back at our pictures and ruthlessly make fun of us. Until then, we can still mock these people.


My dad still has an Olan Mills picture of my brothers and I from about 1978 hanging up where we all have our arms on a fake piece of 'farm fence' and a paper background behind us of an old mill. It's brutal, and a good laugh for every girlfriend I've taken out there.
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Thank you so much for this. I laughed until I cried. I have some Sears photos tucked away too. My mom was unfortunately a big fan of the portrait studio.
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Ugh.... my mom has a big photo of my brother and I in one of those sears photo things. I'm standing there in a hot pink number with that 80's teased up bangs thing going on, while he's there w/ long hair and his blue NC jacket on lol. It's AWFUL.
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And I must say, even though the 2 guys in that photo are a bit odd, that woman is gorgeous! Beautiful hair and such a pretty face.
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An oldie, but a goodie. I hadn't seen this in a while and was hoping more pictures had been added. Alas, it was not the case. Still a good read anyway.
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For seven years I was one of the people on the other side of the camera.
They photos, poses, and backgrounds may look funny now, but nearly 40 years ago we were creating memories for those involved.
One particular child had birth defects and I worked for 20 minutes to get some good shots of her.
Yea whoopee, I hear, 20 whole minutes. The average sitting took under 5 minutes and we did upwards of 400 sittings a day.
The mother came back the next time I was in town to thank me for my efforts. The little girl had died the day after her 5th birthday, two weeks after the sitting.
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I was about nine when I had to sit for some of these. The "Thoughtful Lance" type picture brought back some memories. I think my mom still has that one in a frame, which is scary.
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My mom had one of these taken when she was around my age in like, 200bc, and despite the cheesy background and her funny dress, it is the most gorgeous picture of my mother ever.

Awww *tear*
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Oh man, I've gotta control my breathing or I'm gonna pass out from laughing! Neatorama you've had some real gut busters today! (well today and yesterday technically)
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Is there a site dedicated to "Glamour Shots" too? Those places should be burned to the ground & seeded with holy salt to keep anything from ever springing up again.
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