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Water Resonator

Only $495, the perfect gift for anyone!  Looks like the real thing, everybody needs their water resonated! 

The WATER RESONATOR is the original water balancing technology used by Tibetan and Buddhist monks for hundreds of years. Each one has been meticulously designed and handmade by Buddhist monks. Each consists of a gold-plated platform affixed to a gold-plated frame that is geometrically precise. The gold-plated platform has a neodymium activator magnet at its center on the underside. Mounted to the three precise triangles are the three primary resonator arrays which consist of three Siberian Blue, optically clear, laboratory grade quartz crystals.


Not to be a spoil sport .. but .. I wonder how many of the commenters who think is wacky, crazy, loony, silly ... how many of those people also think that believing in the sky god of their choice makes perfect sense ...

I seek consistancy. Either it's all loony, silly, crazy, wacky .. or it's all valid .. one or the other folks :)
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I'm not on good terms with the gods. They stay away from me, I stay away from them... and in the end nobody has to worry about restraining orders again.
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Actually, it's not really a water resonator. It's secretly a dual-purpose brain/wallet resonator. The synergistic energy balancing mode transfers energy from your wallet to your brain and back again in a harmonic way letting your common sense trickle from your nose and you cash float from your wallet.
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I've got a mouse turd in a matchbox that I got for $200, the guy who sold it to me said the mouse was the reincarnation of Jesus... or was it Elvis.

What I'd like to know is how Budist monks manage to get "Siberian Blue, optically clear, laboratory grade quartz crystals". That is if it's not just some kind of plastic. I smell sweatshop!
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what was that dumb book a few years back about water having feelings? something about the 'scientists' yelling at water and it making ugly crystals compared to the water they said nice things to?
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@ Scooter:

Pangalactic gargleblaster, if you meant the alcoholic drink from Hitchiker's Guide. :)


I was just thinking the other day "This water sure is good, but... it lacks.... uhhhhh, resonance?"
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