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Taco Bell Wedding

Paul and Caragh Brooks spent a total of about $200 on their wedding, in front of family and friends at a Taco Bell restaurant in Normal, Illinois.
With several dozen invited guests in the room, the couple sat in a decorated booth with Ryan Green of Normal, a friend of theirs who became an ordained minister online. As Green, dressed in a T-shirt, officiated, they said the same vows.

“I promise to honor your life’s choices, comfort you in sorrow, celebrate in your joy and support your endeavors…,” they said. “Whatever the world brings, I take you as my partner.”

Business went on as usual in the front area of Taco Bell, and some customers in the Friday night supper rush stopped to watch.

Shortly before the ceremony, Kathy Brooks, the groom’s mother, said, “This is the way to go — there’s no stress.” -via Gorilla Mask

(image credit: The Pantagraph/B MOSHER)

My girlfriend is actually friends with the guy, and was invited to the wedding.

She didn't think the invite was serious, so she didn't go.

What a mistake! It would have been the best wedding ceremony in the history of ever!

Plus the Taco Bell they got married at is my favorite taco bell of all-time, so I could have gotten a sweet lunch out of it...
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Scooter: My husband once said:
'Did you know that the Aztecs put bugs, lizards and algae in their tortilla's?' To which I replied: 'I guess Taco bell -is- authentic Mexican food!'

Man, my wedding was bad but at least my guests didn't go home with explosive diarrhea. Taco Bell isn't food, it's a hate crime against your body.
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I never understand how taco bell got such a bad reputation as diarrhea inducing shlop. Its not any worse than other fast food joints and its never made me sick in the slightest.

Sort of an odd wedding. To each their own but Im willing to bet one of them just went along with the idea and secretly wanted a nicer wedding and will never admit it.
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Not exactly my dream, but hey, they had fun and got hitched for $200. Their vows were sweet, too.

From the article: [The employees] hunted through thousands of hot sauce packets to find the ones imprinted with the phrase, “Will You Marry Me?”

@DOJ: In my head I'm saying Care-AHH, like que sera sera but with a hard c. But I don't know how it'd actually be pronounced.
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those super-wedding tv shows disgust me. here's to the pragmatic bride and groom! me, i'll take the ihop. is nothing sweeter than international crepes?
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"Kara" I assume.

Hey, why all the bad-mouthing Taco Bell?

Not that I ever really eat there, but it's not THAT bad, is it?
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The price of a wedding has no correlation to the enjoyment of the guests.I have been to some horrible expensive weddings and some fantastic ones which were done on the cheap, including my own which I paid for. We rented a big hall, had live music, cheap food and drink and everyone danced. The out of town guests camped out. Many people have told us that our wedding was one of the best they've been to.

Taco Belle may not be authentic Mexican food, but it provides a decent meal for a very low price. I prefer eating at locally owned restaurants, but when I'm in a hurry I'll eat there.
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Actually, though I am not a fast food person at all, if I am going to have fast food, Taco Bell is my first choice.

Y'know, whatever makes them happy. If they had fun, and their guests had fun, who is anyone to make fun?
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Taco Bell is better than no Mexican food at all, although It is certainly better if you can see the cooks chasing the dog around in the kitchen but what the heck!

With the sneaked in feminist law IMBRA, which seeks to ban American men from marrying foreign women, the couple should consider themselves lucky she was allowed to come into the country at all. IMBRA seeks to end that. Think I'm joking? Google it.
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My first choice for fast food is In N Out, but while I lived in Florida, it was forced to be Taco Bell.

Mmm... chalupa.... *drools*
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a friend of theirs who became an ordained minister online.

I wonder if the church of the FSM lets you get ordained online so I can hold weddings at the Olive Garden.
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Taco bell actually has one of the lowest records of food poisoning, despite it's reputation. Mainly because the employees don't actually cook anything (they used to). It all comes prepackaged and cooked, all they do is open up the ingredients, heat them up and assemble the food. The only way to mess it up is to hold the ingredients at improper temps or for too long.

The more you know.
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Scooter: tis true! I have worked at many fast food restaurants - I worked for Taco Bell b/c they were the only place that would hire me at the time with a mohawk. All you did was unfreeze the pre-packaged meat mixture and apply! the perservatives must be out of this world though........on the other hand my first job was as a Sonic cook........that was years ago and I have not eaten a Sonic burger since then.......bleh!
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SenorMysterioso - It's the lingering reputation the chain earned when, in the nineties it had big hepatitis and salmonellae outbreaks.
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I love Taco Bell. The other reason it gets a bad rap, regarding diarrhea , is that in the mid 90's in Bowling Green, Ky an employee dropped a load in the beans. It did bring a tad bit of negativity towards T-Bell. Since then, I am sure they are above average, more so then most ff joints. Regardless, nowadays at 2am, it's always an option if I'm near.
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I liked this part of the article....
Shortly before the ceremony, Kathy Brooks, the groom’s mother, said, “This is the way to go — there’s no stress.” Later she was heard saying "Please pass me the hot sauce."

Notice the husband wasnt available for comment because he was using taco bell's facilities....

The lucky single women gathered as bride tosses bouquet of hot sauce towards woman was nearly blinded when a packet opened an squirted her in eyes....

As for the lucky single men gathered things went quite smoothly.....the groom removed a chalupa from bride's garter an tossed into crown of on lookers...

When asked "where are you going for honeymoon?"

Couple replied....."KFC"
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It doesnt matter if it was Taco Bell... as long as the two are happy together. Their marriage will probably last forever.
I wish them the best!!!!!
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The couple are friends of my daughter. She went to the wedding & had a great time.

I think it's great they chose to get married where they wanted.

Congrats to Paul & Caragh!
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