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Canine Treadmill

I don't know whether to call this American ingenuity and laziness: behold the Canine Treadmill that lets the dog walk itself indoors. You can set the speed, distance, and incline to give your dog the right amount of exercise.

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Actually... I think this is a pretty good idea - especially for busy city folk who don't have time for walks every day.

Put it next to your treadmill and see who drops first!
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If you already have a human treadmill a dog can use that too mine does

The reason for using a tread mill is to give a dog the excersice he needs, a beagle for instance should walk upto 25 miles a day if you have a job this would be impossible with a tread mill it is feasible

Illegal? No its a treadmill it doesnt force the dog to get on it,

My dog tells me when he want to go on the treadmill and he loves it
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This technology is neither inherently good or bad. It's just a tool. It's great for urban folks who own working breed dogs who need more exercise than owners can provide by walking. That said, this technology cannot altogether replace "the walk", which is vital to the psychological health and development of the animal and owner. Walks establish owner leadership, pack bonding, social health, etc.

Sadly, many pet owners never understand that dogs are complex psychological beings (albeit totally different than humans) with needs that have to be met in order to be healthy, much less be happy and live a long, full life.
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Many dog trainers advocate the use of a treadmill to exercise your dog. But, as said above, this can not fully replace actually walking your dog. Walking is an activity which feeds a dog's pack mentality and when done correctly reinforces that the human is in charge and creates well behaved dogs.

But on those rainy or busy days when your dog needs some exercise to chill out, a treadmill is a great substitute.
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The museum in the town where I live (Stony Brook, NY, source of the previous Neatorama item on the persistence of true love) has a dog treadmill that was used in the 1800's to power small farm machinery (eg a butter churn).
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With a dog who refuses to walk outside when its raining (yeah, she won't even go in the yard to relive herself she actually holds it), this could come in handy. Then again this is San Diego, so she can spend the five days out of the year that it does rain indoors.
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I know people looove dogs, but I really don't think you should own one unless you have access to lots of green and the capacity/willingness to get it outside and doing its thing a whole lot. Unless it's one of those wack Christmas ornament dogs that is probably a robot anyway.
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