Obama Shirt

"Neatorama isn’t a political blog," so here's a t-shirt depicting president-elect Obama riding a unicorn, signifying a wonderful fantasy. $19 from Chris Bishop. Link -Thanks, Andrew Crocker!

Um, that's the image the Campaign Obama tried so hard to put in the public mind. Now that the Reality Obama is coming into view, we can clearly see that he's only riding the same tired old jackass we've seen so many, many times before.
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Dave, just what are we "seeing"? Obama isn't President until January 20th. Are you trying to blame stuff on him that he has no control over?
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i just bought one-- how cute! if nothing else it's a unique addition to my obamabilia collection :D i will wear it with pride (a side note: it turns out this artist made the humping unicorns t-shirt i got my sis for x-as-- she loved it!)
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Grumble grumble. But which is it: a radical socialist bent on turning the country upside down, or the same old same old? Hilarious how the criticisms change to suit the day's grumble requirements.
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Moon you have read about his appointments to date have you not? Have you heard we are not leaving Iraq anytime soon? Or that Obama has changed his tune on Gitmo and taxes among many other things. Dolts like you kill me thinking you are smart.
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Moon .i am still trying to see where dave tried to blame anything on obama. sounds like you are just another dupe. you likely were part of the majority of the obama supporters who think the constitution should only be a guide or the 60% who did not realize that the democrats controlled congress the past 2 years.
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I find it kind of funny that the people who complain about political posts on Neatorama hardly ever comment any other time...

If you only read Neatorama for that, then there are much better websites to cater to your niche.

If anything this picture could be interpreted as a dig at Obama. One could argue that the dream of Obama changing everything is only a myth just like a unicorn...

I'm not sure if that's what Miss. C was saying in her comments.
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j, what's wrong with his appointments?

Who knows what Obama's policies will be? He isn't in office yet, you dolt. My guess is that we will be out of Iraq long before we would have been if McCain was elected. We KNOW we will be out by 2012. Is Gitmo going to be closed? Why, yes, yes it is.

You are just one of those haters who can stand it that Obama won. You were probably very happy with Bush and the 6 years of control by the GOP, weren't you? They didn't have ANYTHING to do with all the trouble we have in this country, did they? No, it's just the last 2 years of a marginal Democratic control of Congress? What was it, 51 to 49 in the Senate and about a 10 member majority in the House? With the President there to veto anything the Dems proposed? You have drunk the GOP Kool-aid, it seems.
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