Brown Dyed Hotel - A Flash Game

This game is surprisingly hard. You have to figure out how to get through each page without any direction whatsoever. It's believed that there are 12 levels, but apparently there are some hints on the site that more exist. Will you figure it out? If you do, let us know in the comments. I got stuck on the Cirkles level (you can tell what level it is by the URL). I know what to do; I just can't get it done. via Jayisgames

Click on the center circle to send a small black dot from either the top, left, bottom or right of the screen moving toward it. Move your mouse left and right to rotate the outer circle, up and down to rotate the inner circle. Line up the two breaks to allow the dot to get to the inner circle. Getting four dots into the inner circle will move you to the next round.
(It takes practice.)
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There are four tiny dots below and to the right of the blurry stuff. Click them until they say BLUR. A word will become clear. Go to your address bar and erase everything after the slash, type that work and hit enter.
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So, I got pretty far. I'm up to machine, and then I go to ether and it just says that I'm ahead of my time. But that's only 6 levels. Apparently Ether is some game they're developing.I must be missing something...
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i don't know if ether is another game they are developing, but for machine you need to look where your mouse's arrow cursor becomes a text cursor instead and type in the word

i'm stuck at level 5
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You ARE ahead of your time. Go back to the /machine. Look for a place where you can enter text. Enter "ether" there, instead of in the address bar. But you gotta do it fast, because the thing resets.
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I'm not sure that's correct, mustardhamsters... I also got the ahead of my time screen, but it seems clear that on the machine level there is both a button that brings up text and a hidden text entry field higher up on the page... I just cant figure out what to enter, and when, and what to do after text is entered... Ether is certainly a clue, as is work/wrk, but beyond that I'm stumped...
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The word ether will take you to the next level. Click around to the right of the pixely video thing until you see a cursor. Type the word "ether" and hit enter as quickly as you can. If you don't finish during the video's loop, you'll have to do it over.
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cowsnkids... Read the hidden text on the left and right panels backwards and it will tell you what to do... The piano level beyond corridor is giving me trouble...
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Click on the third key from the left and drag it downward. Three white keys and one black key will turn grey. Click on them.

The square means "black", so black=white.
The circle means "big", so big=small.
It's a substitution code in the URL - bigblacklake should be changed to smallwhitelake.
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Jerse: I don't think it means anything. I just clicked around on the piano until it let me through... I think I clicked somewhere in the upper right part on the wallpaper.
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After the thing where you have to turn the clock to 5:07:

-I watched all three videos.

-I tried to write down the numbers from behind the videos. I got "122334303" for the left one, "12332303" for the middle one and "122323303" for the right one.

-I clicked on the "O".

-I got to the "number 12?" screen.

-I solved the puzzle after clicking on the far left dot.

-I opened the middle dot.

-I dragged the lit figure around the screen a few times.

-I tried going to browndyedhotel/^o^, a screen came up as if a video was going to play, but it did not play. (note: this is the same figure as the first frame of the game)

-I read the text in the third dot, which says: " it moves through the sky it consumes plants that pass. They also descend to the hightest of tree toops and groom them by eating off their branches. There has been incidents of creatures going below the actual tree crowns for short moments of time, this behaviour is in no way necessary for the feeding process as the higher leaves contain just as..."

-I clicked on the dot and saw the stack of squares.

And I am now completely lost.
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I tried looking for help sites, some people have found a page called "ILOVELAMP.html", which contains flashing images of a notebook.

I don't know what the first page is.

The second page is blank, but has a large corner ripped out to reveal some of the characters below. I'm not sure which ones.

The characters on the third page of the notebook translate to: "6 SiO2 + 6 H2O + gravitons -> 6 SiO + 12H + 6O2 "

The fourth page is completely blank, and takes up two frames.

The fifth page is covered in scribbles and the words "We're working on something bigger".

That's all I've got.


Someone said to right click the flashing image and turn off "loop" and "play" in firefox
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whoops, my comment got mixed up. The thing about firefox and right-clicking goes with the part about viewing the flashing image.

Goodnight... for real this time!
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nothing. in the bottom right corner, there's a clickable line, just click around and keep dragging, you'll find it eventually. for all intensive purposes, this one is just to trip you out. the line will reveal clock.html in an upper left slice, type that in and it'll take you to #1
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Nick, click on the end of the corridor so that it brings up the piano page, then simply click the door behind the piano. It's not very distinct but if you click around you'll find it.
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you dont need practice for the circle one actually... you line up the circles around one of the edges of the square, remember where your cursor is, moved in a straight line to the middle circle and click it as many times to get the ball that comes in the side of where you adjusted it, put your cursor back where it was in a straight line, and then adjust a little.
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OK, I'm trough - with some help. But I still want to know, waht the logic behind the clock is, Why 5:07 or 1:25??? Just trying out, or is there some hint, where you can see the correct time?
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If you look closely at the upper left hand corner of the clock room, you'll see the number 8 very faintly in the wallpaper. The number 26 is hidden in the wallpaper around the middle of the screen, and so you need to put one hand on the 8 minute mark and one hand on the 26 minute mark, which ends up looking like 1:26 or 5:07.
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